Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Have Yourself A Movie Little Christmas Review


I love movies. I really enjoy Christmas movies too. I don’t really have a favorite Christmas movie because there are so many to choose from. A couple Christmas movies I really like to watch are A Christmas Story and Mixed Nuts. I am sure everyone has seen A Christmas Story at least a thousand times. It is on over and over again on Christmas. I am certain many of you have not seen Mixed Nuts. It is a great movie with a very young Adam Sandler, Steve Martin and Rita Wilson aka Tom Hanks wife. It is about a nonprofit business that runs a suicide hotline, a pregnant woman, a guy in a Santa suit with a gun and the sea side strangler. It is very funny and it keeps you on your toes. I highly recommend both movies.

I am featuring the book Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas in my holiday gift guide. This book is written by Film Critic Alonso Duralde and it features all the best and the worst Christmas movies. Some of the movies in the book I didn’t consider as traditional Christmas movies although all the classics are in there. It’s A Wonderful Life, any version of A Christmas Carol you can think of including Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol. Each listing has a description of the movie and they are all in different categories such as movies that are for kid’s, movies for adults, and more specific chapters with very clever names instead of horror movies for example the chapter is called They'll Be Scary Ghost Stories: Holiday Horror. He refers to the worst Christmas movies as The Worst Christmas Movies Ever: Lumps of Coal in Your Cinema Stocking.

This is a must have gift for the movie lover on your list, I myself am an avid movie watcher and I really enjoy reading Have Yourself A Movie Little Christmas. Noah likes to look at the book too. He calls it Mommy’s movie book. I have plenty of new movie suggestions to watch during the holidays some to share with Noah and some for mommy time!

Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas sells for $16.99 at all major retail book sellers as well as all major online book stores.

Thank you to Alonso Duralde for providing me with a review copy of Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas to review.

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