Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter Survival Basket Made With Cold Stone Cocoa!!

Cold Stone Creamery now makes delicious and creamy cocoa. As a fan of their ice cream I had to buy it! With the holidays coming and the cold weather that is now here, hot cocoa is a staple in my house. I headed to Wal-mart to shop for things to put in a winter survival kit. My family always does a lot of baking during the holidays and I thought that would be something to base my basket around. Unfortunately, it gets very cold here in the winter and we spend a lot of time indoors. I decided to make a winter survival gift basket for my family to use. You can make gift baskets for gifts but who says you can’t make one for your family to enjoy too?

I went to a very crowded Wal-mart to shop for the items I wanted to put in it. I love shopping at Wal-mart and Noah love to get the stickers from the greeter. He gets so excited, on this particular trip the greeter asked him how many he wanted. Noah said ten and they gave him ten. I got 2 boxes of Cold Stone Creamery Milk Chocolate with marshmallows cocoa for us to enjoy this winter. I don’t know about you but extra mini marshmallows are a must. If for some reason I only have big ones, I cut them in fourths. I still make cocoa the way my grandma used to make it. It is the only way to make it. I know some people use just water or just milk but I use a very scientific formula for my cocoa. It is one of those secret family recipes.

I also picked up some easy things to make as treats, some mugs, a game and some other goodies to help this family brave the cold and snowy winter. I had a lot of fun shopping for this basket, I hope you have just as much fun seeing my Whrrl Post and I hope it inspires you to make one of your own. Look for Cold Stone Cocoa at your local Walmart! You can check out my Whrrl Post below.

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  1. You're so smart with a whrrl post. You're my hero. And the cocoa looks yummy!!

  2. I hadn't heard of it...I'll have to try it!

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