Monday, November 29, 2010

Losing Noah's Stroller in Vegas

I love to fly, I prefer it to driving any day. We don’t always fly though. It depends on the length of our trip, where we are going and of course the cost of the flight vs. gas. When we go to visit my aunt and uncle in California we always fly. It would be an extremely long drive, although my aunt and uncle have made the drive many times. The last time we went to visit them, Noah was a baby. We always took his stroller with us and checked it at the gate, as we had done before. We were able to use it at the airport and also during our layover. When we landed in Las Vegas, our stroller was there waiting for us at the gate. We had over an hour layover that I spent time playing the slot machines in the airport. When it was time to board our flight to Reno, we left his stroller at the gate as we boarded the plane.

We landed in Reno and waited for his stroller in the jet way. It didn’t show up. We met with my aunt and uncle to get our baggage. We also made a stop at the baggage office to see if our stroller ended up there. It was not. They couldn’t find it. It was very late as we didn’t land until around 11pm Pacific time being that we live in the Eastern time zone, it was 2 am. We had been traveling all day and were ready to just get to my aunt and uncle’s house. We assumed that the stroller was put on the wrong flight in Vegas, even though we parked it right outside the plane. The baggage office gave us a loaner that was no doubt from the 70’s. It was so old and dirty. It was really hard to open and close. My aunt and uncle live up the mountains so we didn’t do a lot of things that required a stroller, if any. I don’t think we used it the whole time we were there. I was worried about the stroller though, what if they didn’t find it? What if we had to brave the airport and the layover without it and all our carry ons? I hadn’t purchased flight insurance so it would be a loss. It was just a ten dollar umbrella stroller, it wasn’t Noah’s expensive stroller thankfully.

We had a great time with my aunt and uncle just visiting, watching movies and doing some sightseeing in the mountains. We even went to Antelope Lake. Antelope Lake is somewhere we went with my grandma when we were out there years before. My mom ended up getting sick when we were there. She had something called altitude sickness. When we were sightseeing, my mom, my aunt and uncle went up in a really tall tower. My mom ended up getting really dizzy and felt sick during part of our trip. She didn’t have to go to the doctor, but I often wonder what people who are traveling do to cover doctor’s visits or if they have to go to the hospital. I guess they get visitor’s health insurance when they travel abroad just in case. When we said our goodbyes at the airport I was very nervous as we walked in to the baggage office. We had to return the stroller, that we jokingly dubbed the death trap and see if Noah’s stroller had finally made it safely. I had never been so happy to see his stroller in my life. It was a very sad goodbye to my aunt and uncle because we only get to see them once a year.

Have you ever lost anything during a flight? Please share your stories.

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  1. I've been really lucky. I have never lost anything during a flight! Glad you got your stroller back eventually :)