Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dream, Dream, Dream.

I am sure I have told you about my weird dreams before. Definitely about Kevin, the alien that when he gets mad turns in to a queen. For a while now, I have been dreaming about one of my old houses. The dreams I had started out riding my old school bus, from elementary school. I would be on the bus in my old neighborhood and I would get off the bus at my old house and by the time I got off, I’d realize that I don’t live there, and I would start chasing the bus, Mrs. Macy would never stop. I would then somehow try and figure out how to get where I really lived, I never quite knew where that was. Sometimes I would visit my old neighbors. Other times I lived in the house, my mom would open the garage door and I would go inside. It was really weird and had become a reoccurring dream for a while. Then the dreams stopped for a while. It wasn’t like a nightly thing, but it was enough that I would remember it happening quite a bit.

Now, I dream about living in that house like every other week or so. It’s normally that I moved back in. It would look different inside almost every time, never like I remembered it. It never has the basement where I used to sing and dance or the place under the stairs I would have my club house in. It is weird. I know it’s normal to dream about things in the past. I have definitely had weirder dreams, but it is crazy that it is the same theme and almost the same dream or variation of it. I am an adult and Noah is with me. Every time I dream it, I think well now I don’t have to dream about living here anymore. I had the dream very recently, and once I said that, I woke up. I had one of those abrupt where am I wake ups. I woke up in my house. I don’t think I have ever had a dream that I dreamed about waking up like a dream inside a dream. Maybe I have, I don’t really know.

I don’t know if it has to do with something going on in my mind or what that is making me dream about that particular house. I don’t talk to my old neighbors or anything. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about that house. Dreams are such a weird and complex thing. I am not sure what causes some of them. I had a dream about my Grandma Rose where I was at her house and she let in an escaped mental patient and he came after us. I think it would be really cool to watch our dreams. I am pretty good about remembering my dreams. I would love to see the ones I don’t remember though.

Do you have weird dreams? Do you dream them more than once?

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  1. I love hearing other people's dreams, no matter how bizarre. For most of my life, I've also had a recurring dream about a house. It doesn't always look the same, but it's always the same house. It's usually a big, old house, with many floors, sometimes as many as ten or so. In these dreams, I always feel compelled to climb the stairs to the top, because there is always a room at the top that I want to see. That room is always different, but it's always the "same room". As I climb the stairs, I know that the room is haunted, and I'm probably going to be scared, but I climb anyway.

    When I was really young, I used to slide through cracks, in the wall, and slip into these big rooms that were always bizarre.

    I'm used to the dream now, so it doesn't ever scare me too bad, and I kind of enjoy the anticipation of climbing the stairs to see what's in the room.

    A couple of times, in my dream, I already knew it was the house, that I dream about, but most of the time, I just know "that room" is at the top of the stairs, and realize it's the recurring dream, only when I wake up.

    You should look into "Lucid Dreaming". I read about it in a magazine once, and they had a little booklet to teach you exercises to encourage lucid dreams (where you are in control of your dream). I never got too serious about it, but did manage to have two lucid dreams. One was kind of fuzzy, and I felt half in control, but one I became fully aware of, and was starting to be able to manipulate it, and then my alarm clock went off and it was time to go to work. :( I was very disappointed that morning... LOL