Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why WE TV Why?

Why oh why We TV, why did you take The Cupcake Girls off the air? It makes me so sad, after I wrote a post about the show. I think I should stop talking about tv on my blog because it disappears shortly after. WE please bring back the show. It was my favorite part of Saturday night. Now I am very upset because it is gone. Your replacement, the Golden Girls, really, do you really need to put that show on at more time slots. I swear The Golden Girls are on so many networks, so many times a day. It’s a good show but not as good as The Cupcake Girls. Cupcakes are better than four old ladies from the 80’s. Betty White is probably bathing in money as often as the show is shown.

Seriously WE I am really upset, The Cupcake Girls is actually a great reality show, it’s not full of trash like all the other ones are. It is the best cake or cupcake show because it is real. It’s not competition; it brings joy to this cupcake lover. Please I am asking you to bring it back. I will make you cupcakes myself if you bring it back. It is so much better than those wedding shows that no one but a bride watches. OK they get married and stop watching. I can’t believe you took a great show and totally stopped showing it. It is the best show on WE TV and it makes me so upset I could spit, and possibly enough to stop watching WE all together.

I thought I would share with my many readers about how great the show is and how much I love it. It is also very unique and not like the same CRAP redone that is on every other stinkin’ channel, like the cake shows, cupcake shows, competitions, and wedding shows. It was different, and unique and genuine. I felt like I was catching up with my old friends Lori and Heather when I watched The Cupcake Girls. I cried when they cried. I bawled when Lori found out she was pregnant and during her ultrasound and now I am left without The Cupcake Girls.

I probably won’t be watching WE anymore because this is not right. It’s not like the season ended. Sure I would get that but they stopped showing it before the season ended. WE isn’t producing the show so what the heck is the problem? I am not a happy mama or a happy blogger.


  1. I've never seen it, but I've only had cable for two weeks now. There's a LOT to catch up on. Being a baker, it sounds like i'd have enjoyed this show!

  2. i hate it when networks do that. sometimes you have to slowly build an audience. but they are all about the dollar bills y'all.

  3. I LOVE the Cupcake Girls... this is insane.

  4. I LOVE this show too! I'm so bummed to hear it is off the air as that means we won't get more of it in Canada either! :( BOO!