Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pippi Longstocking Day

In a post I wrote about my friend Adrianna, I said that I would write a post about Pippi Longstocking Day. We were hanging out at her house. We had a picnic of Papa John’s Pizza and decided to eat it in the woods behind her house. Well we got lost in the woods and thought we would have to live in the woods because we didn’t think we would ever get out. Of course the wood was not that big and we managed to get out of the woods.

Later we decided to clean up the house because it was a mess. Well we decided to run the dishwasher at least. We loaded it up and put in the soap and thought we would go play basketball in her driveway. We shot hoops for a while and came back inside. We noticed that the floor was all wet and very soapy. It looked like something straight out of a sitcom. We figured out that you can’t put Dawn in the dishwasher. It said so on the label but who really reads the label? Not us apparently. Her parents were gone and we didn’t want to get in trouble. See, Adrianna’s parents are very nice but they are also very strict sometimes.

I decided to call the 1800 number and hope and pray for the best. Somehow we managed to get all the soap out of the dishwasher and then we were just left with the mess. The expensive dishwasher was fine. So, being the brilliant young women we are decided to steal a page out of Pippi Longstocking’s playbook and use sponges on our feet and “mop” up the mess. We also used many towels and it was quite comical and scary at the same time. The floor was very slippery and time was ticking away fast. We were also soaked. We were worried that they would come home and find out what happened. We were really worried that we wouldn’t be able to be friends anymore and that we would get in so much trouble. It took what seemed forever to get it all cleaned up. We changed our clothes, so there wasn’t any evidence. We didn’t speak a word of Pippi Longstocking Day to anyone.

I spent the night at Adrianna’s that night. It was a very stormy night, so we decided to sleep in the basement. We were watching TV and playing really late. Her house had a really sensitive security system and they of course had it on, so we had to make sure we didn’t slam doors, or make too much noise. That was nothing new though. As we were lying in bed watching TV at midnight, the doorbell rang. It scared us. Who shows up at someone’s house at midnight? Adrianna’s parents are very respectable and responsible adults so no one would just show up without calling. Someone checked but there was no one out there. That really freaked us out. We managed to be able to fall asleep after such a long and crazy day.

The next morning we woke up to sirens and flashing lights. We found out that a house couple doors down had been struck by lightning. The family had kids that Adrianna was friends with, so we played with them sometimes. It was really scary but thankfully no one was hurt. We found out that when the lightning struck the neighbors house the doorbell rang at Adrianna’s house and wait for it………


The dishwasher we were so concerned about not breaking less than 24 hours before.


  1. Well, you didn't have to worry anymore about breaking it.

  2. Bwaaahhhh this is an awesome story. I've thought about doing the sponge on the feet thing more than once! Love it.


  3. My brother in law put Dawn in the dishwasher, too... with his Dad's new laminate floor.