Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shopping for Noah

Since Noah turned 4 I have been thinking about getting him some new furniture for his room. There are so many cute things they have for kids furniture. They have little recliners that are the perfect size for our little ones. I think it would be really cute if Noah and I had matching chairs to sit in. He likes to sit on our recliner but it is kind of big and he used to have trouble climbing up and down. Now he is a monkey and climbs on everything. I am one of those moms who think small versions of things are adorable. I would love for him to have some stuff like that. He has a little soft chair but honestly it is not the best thing to sit on because the sides are attached with just Velcro. He occasionally will slide off the chair if he sits on it the wrong way, which worries me. I would also like to get sturdy furniture for him that isn’t too heavy that it could hurt him but not flimsy enough that Noah could break it with normal use or worse tip over hurting my little boy.

Another thing I have started doing now that he is four is finding me going in to the toy section at the store and looking at educational toys. I think that is part of being a teacher’s child. I have always been taught that education is very important. I want him to learn with every experience that he has. I am not someone who is very strict that he can’t play with pointless loud toys either. I find that somehow Noah is very creative that he uses the toys that you would think are not educational and finds a way to learn from them. He is always trying to figure out how things work. I remember when he was a baby he would examine things and try and figure out how to take them apart. He would turn his stroller upside down and get under it like he was working on it. He definitely gets that from my Grandpa Jim who was a diesel mechanic and was always working on something. It makes me smile so big when he does things like that because it reminds me of my grandpa and how he would examine things and was always thinking just like Noah does now.


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