Friday, September 10, 2010

Nina's Little Fables

Recently after a trip to pick up dinner or going to the store, I let Noah stay up a little later because we had been in the car for quite a while and he didn’t get to watch The Good Night Show on PBS Sprout. That was when we were introduced to Nina’s Little Fables. From the moment we watched Nina’s Little Fables we became instant fans. I really like how Nina and Star share a fable. I have always liked fables growing up. I love that there is always a moral of the story and it teaches our children things through a story which I think sometimes has a bigger impact than just being told. Sometimes children need validation or a reason for things and fables are a great tool for that.

We have been staying up a little later at night and sitting on the couch and occasionally sharing a little treat while we watch Nina’s Little Fables. It is a special time we share together although every moment we share is special. It is definitely a privilege and if he misbehaves he will not be able to stay up for Nina’s Little Fables. I love how the animals are shadows. I have a pair of red pajama pants that have white animal shapes on them. Noah informed me that I have Nina’s little Fables on my pants. I looked at them and was like yeah you are right. I didn’t even make the connection. Noah is really smart.

I recommend getting your family together and watching Nina’s Little Fables on PBS Sprout during The Good Night Show every night. It is a lot of fun in our house.


  1. We also love Nina and Star! Nina was at Blogher 2009 and I think I scared her because I was so excited to meet her ;) She is probably still talking about the crazy "stalker" lady.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I know how much you love this show and Noah too since we talk soo much!