Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Dear Friend Adrianna

I have been blessed with some wonderful people in my life. I wanted to share with you guys about my friend Adrianna. Adrianna and I met when we were in daycare. Yes, that was a long time ago. I haven’t seen her in forever but we had so much fun playing together. I am thankful for Facebook that we are able to still stay in touch now that she is so far away. Adrianna and I always had the craziest ideas. I am not sure which one of us were the brains in the operation, I think that we were both equally responsible for the hair brained ideas we came up with. I remember when we were in daycare, Adrianna told me that she had an elevator in her house and a ton of makeup. Being a young girl I thought that was so cool. Then I went to Adrianna’s house and come to find out the elevator was just a cubby hole in the wall and didn’t move. I know I tried to find the button and her makeup collection consisted of one tube of chapstick, not even lipstick, but chapstick.

We also had a slew of nicknames for each other including Louie and Olive and at one point Squeaky and Frenchy. I remember the reasoning behind Olive and Louie because it was from our middle names but not clue about Squeaky and Frenchie. Throughout the years we had done singing contests, survived the getting lost in the woods in her neighborhood, gone on many adventures and even became sumo wrestlers. One of us, not sure whose idea it was, probably mine because I am weird like that, decided it would be fun to stick pillows under our shirts and tuck them in our pants and fight like sumo wrestlers. So, we would run in to each other full force and bump each other with our pillow bodies. This was long before the days of sumo suits. It was a lot of fun until….she had an asthma attack. I knew she had asthma but this one was a bad attack. We were both sobbing because we were so scared because her inhaler wasn’t working right. Thankfully she ended up being fine. We both decided that we couldn’t play sumo wrestlers anymore and it was pretty dangerous not only could we get hurt but crashing in to each other is a bad idea when someone has asthma.

We must have spent hundreds of nights together giggling at each other’s houses. We even had what we called Pippi Longstocking Day but that is a whole other post because it is a long story. Don’t ask me how many times we played Mall Madness and Party Mania because I couldn’t even tell you. I remember how we used to play bar, of course it was all pretend and didn’t even know what we were talking about. We weren’t really allowed to do it but we did anyways when no one was in the basement. Her dad used to work for RCA and I was invited to some of the events. I used to go to church with her sometimes when I spent the night on Saturday nights. I was very close to her family and she was close to mine. We had a very loving friendship but like any young girls we had our share of fights. We always seemed to make up and it was like the fight never happened we would never hold grudges and forgave whole heartedly. We used to play the gotcha game. One of us would ask if the other could spend the night and if the answer was yes the answer told was occasionally no followed by gotcha. We never said yes if the answer was no though because that was just mean.

I am so glad that I met Adrianna at La Petite so many years ago. She is a very special person and friend and I hold all of our memories together in my heart. I hope sometime we can see each other again. I would love to see her family again too. They are such great people and miss them all.

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  1. Thats awesome! Facebook certainly can keep you connected!