Monday, September 13, 2010

Judge Noah?

It all started when I was pregnant with Noah, I would watch Judge shows all the time. I even watched them when I was on bed rest in the hospital. The nurses kept asking me if Noah was going to be a lawyer, which I didn’t find amusing extremely pregnant, on bed rest in the hospital for TWO weeks. Half the time I had to call a nurse to go to the bathroom so, those couple weeks was not the most pleasant thing to experience. Now I have been watching judge shows for years, I really enjoy watching them because they are interesting. Somewhere may it be, genetics or while in my womb or shortly after Noah was born, Noah developed my love for judge shows. When he was a teeny tiny baby he loved to watch Cops I think it was the lights and the music. He no longer watches it though.

His favorite is Judge Judy. Judge Judy is awesome. We watch it every day it is on. He asks to watch Judge Judy on weekends or before or after it is on. He will say “Wanna watch Judge Judy?” It is really cute. I will tell him to put on his listening ears and he will do the Judge Judy listening ears hand movements. I like Judge Judy for her brassy attitude. I am sure she is probably a total sweetheart when she is off the bench as long as you don’t lie to her. He also likes to watch Judge Pirro. He knows all the judges by name.

He even knows who the judge on Street Court is. He says look it’s judge Mazz. I never watch Street Court it just doesn’t interest me. We both love People’s Court too. Noah really enjoys watching it too. I love how compassionate Judge Milian is. I love her no nonsense approach to ruling. I have said before that if I went on a court show it would be The People’s Court. I love the sayings she says. She seems like such a genuine person. When I went to Dolphin Mall in Miami, you can bet I was looking at every person’s face I saw. I would have been floored if I saw her but I regret to say I did not. I am such a huge fan of hers.

Something I have noticed is in watching massive amounts of court shows. They start out meaning well, then they seem to turn more to the trashy side of TV, I am sure it is for ratings or just the cases they get offered but it does make me somewhat sad. I am not saying they aren’t amazing people I just wish they tried cases that weren’t about sex or nudity or just trashy period. I wish all TV was like that though. I might be crazy for watching court shows with my son but we both enjoy it a lot. Noah doesn’t normally stay glued to the TV no matter what is on. He is busy playing and running around. I would just like them to be somewhat appropriate or family orientated. Usually Judge Judy and People’s Court are pretty good at being family friendly and even then they have their moments.

What court shows do you like to watch?

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