Friday, September 24, 2010

Foods I Won't Eat

Recently, I have been thinking about foods I refuse to eat, mainly meats I won’t eat. Yes, I eat meat but there are some I refuse to have in my mouth for various reasons.

1.Lamb – I don’t care how good you think it tastes. I will not eat lamb in any way shape or form. All I can think of is Poor little Lamb Chop and who would eat Lamb chop?

2. Duck- No Duck for me. No thank you. No Turkducken or roasted duck that is just plain yuck. Ducks weren’t meant to be eaten in my opinion.

3. Goat- Sorry Annie. No goats for me.

I don’t have a problem with those that choose to eat these items but, please if I am coming to dinner, don’t serve them to me and tell me they are something else, I will know. People always say to me: “You’ll eat alligator but you won’t eat, lamb or duck?” I always respond with yep, crazy huh?”

This reminds me of a trip to North Carolina I took. I went to go see my friends Logan and Loretta; they kept talking about liver mush. I had no clue what livermush was. There were signs for livermush everywhere. Even on the marquee at Walgreens. I thought it just had a weird name. I never did make the connection that it was liver! Call me naïve. I thought liver mush would be like grits. I have never had grits but I thought it would be mush, after all it is called livermush. I took the name literally, but the wrong part. Somehow they managed to convince me to try it. It looked like sausage. I think they told me it was sausage or something. I can’t remember how they got me to try it. I do remember trying it. It did not taste like sausage. It was gross. Never again will I eat livermush. Never again!

My friend Logan aka the Jerky King passed away in November 2008 suddenly. I miss him a lot. We had many good times together and laughed a lot. Loretta’s mom thought Logan and I were having an affair but we weren’t. That whole trip to visit them was truly an adventure, you wouldn’t believe it if I told you. It was so messed up from the get go. I will blog about it sometime. I am so glad that I had the chance to know Logan. He was a great friend.

There are many other foods I won’t eat. Listing them all would take a coon’s age. What are some foods that you will eat?

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  1. Such a funny post Sheila!

    Goat is definitely not for everyone. I met a mom that lives in Minnesota and she eats whatever he husband kills, including bear! WOW!

    Food I won't eat? Rocky Mountain Oysters. AKA cow balls. No joke, they really do serve it places! Hope I didn't just make you vomit a brought up the topic LOL