Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Carriers are Beneficial to Your Baby.

Choosing to use baby carriers can be a smart choice for you and your baby. They can provide comfort, as well as strengthen the bond between a parent and their child. Newborn babies need nurturing and warmth during those critical first months of life and using a baby carrier helps with both.

Infants need to adapt to the outside world as well as being outside of the womb. A baby carrier, like Baby Bjorn carriers can simulate the womb experience as well as provide much needed comfort for the newborn, allowing your baby's energy to be focused on early growth. While supported in a baby carrier your child can hear your heartbeat, and feel the rhythm of your walking and breathing, much how they felt it while in the womb. As a result this encourages positive growth.

Baby carriers and slings can also reduce the risk of premature infant mortality, a fact that was discovered by accident. A shortage of incubators in a hospital in South America forced medical practitioners to wrap premature infants to their mothers in order to provide them with the warmth and stability that would normally come from the incubators. In doing so it was discovered that the premature babies who were strapped to their mothers using baby slings thrived as well and sometimes even better than those in the incubators. This is a testament to the effectiveness of not only baby carriers, but attachment parenting in general.

Another added benefit of baby carriers is that they help soothe crying and colic. According to extensive research, when babies are worn in infant carriers for at least 3 hours a day, they tend to cry 43% less during the day and 51% less at night. This significant reduction in the amount of time spent crying results in a happier, more balanced baby with milder temperament.

The benefits of baby wearing are not only for the infants. One of the obvious benefits of carrying your child in infant sling is that it allows your hands to be free to be able to perform your daily tasks. Baby slings offer a more convenient way to carry your infant, especially in places where a stroller would often be difficult to navigate, such as large crowds or up and down the stairs. Using baby carriers has also been linked to reducing the instance of post partum depression in women, as the act of wearing your newborn simulates the womb effect for both baby and mom.

Basically, a baby carrier or sling should be on every mother's necessity list for the new baby.



  1. DD was a big baby. I tried, but ended out carrying her w/o one or wheeling her around in her stroller in the house so she could be w/ me.

  2. I am so done with babies, but I would definitely do the baby wearing if I did it again.

  3. I love wearing my baby! :) And now since he's 1 and wants to follow me around crying when I'm trying to clean, I love it even more.

  4. My favorite style was the mei tei. I wore my first all through my pregnancy with my second with it. He was a heavy baby, too!!