Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Getting Contacts!

I have been wearing glasses since I was in 5th grade to see the board. I hated wearing glasses and didn’t wear them for about 5 years when I was in school. When I was an adult I decided it was important that I should wear them. I really had trouble watching TV and reading signs, so it was time I did something. I knew my vision wasn’t perfect. I wear glasses most of the time, I feel like I can’t really see without them. I can see just not far away too well. I recently decided that I want to get contact lenses. I have gorgeous eyes and my glasses hide them. I also think I look kind of weird in glasses. I am really excited about getting contacts although touching my eye is a little nerve racking for me. The eye doctor will make sure I know how to put them in and take them out a couple times before they send me on my way. I know quite a few people that wear contacts and have had them for years. It doesn’t look that hard to do. It might take some practice. Thankfully, I am not squeamish about touching my eye. I am looking forward to not having to wear glasses all the time. I am always afraid something will happen to my glasses. I also have an indentation on the bridge of my nose from them. I hate having the indentation on my nose because it looks weird. I occasionally fall asleep wearing my glasses which results in me laying on them or my glasses poking me. I think contacts would be the best solution.

Do you wear contacts? Do you have an Astigmatism? How long do yours last? I know there are daily ones, weekly ones. Any tips or tricks for me after I get them? I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions!


  1. Yay for contacts! I started wearing glasses in second grade and didn't get contacts till i was around 19. I thought I would look funny without my glasses since i was so used to them. I have horrible vision so my contacts have to be special ordered ( they are a -13.00). I can in theory wear mine 12 hours a day and they will last 30 days. I have a bad habit of sleeping with them in for a few days so to even it out I will wear my glasses for a few days to give my eyes a chance to breathe. If the first few brands feel funny on your eyes don't get discouraged! I can't even tell you how many brands I tried! My doctor told me to keep trying until i wasn't "aware" that I had them in. Meaning i shouldn't be able to feel them.

  2. I wear contacts and have an astigmatism in both eyes. My prescription is -8.75 I think. I wear Acuvue Oasys and they last for 2 weeks. They're the best contacts I've ever owned :)