Friday, July 23, 2010

Small Town Girl at Heart

I really want to move to a small town. I think it would be fun to live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else. I have always lived in good sized towns that would be considered suburban. Honestly I don’t really know my neighbors. I could probably pick them out of a line up but I don’t really know them as well as I would like to. I would love to buy an old house and remodel it. I would have to contract the help of my aunt and uncle who are the best at remodeling, electric, plumbing etc.

I would have so much fun picking out the floors, the paint and even the vanity that goes in each bathroom. I would want a big one where I can keep a bunch of candles on the vanity because I love taking bubble baths by candlelight. Would you want to remodel a home? I know it is a lot of work. I would just supervise the work. I am not really about getting down and dirty when it comes to things like that. I don’t even like putting my son’s toys together. I would be in the kitchen making treats and lemonade.


  1. I love getting down and dirty! LOL I love all things to do with remodeling, just stinks I don't have the time to do it while watching three munchkins.

    Small towns are okay, knowing everyone sucks sometimes, especially when you grew up and became more mature yet they still see you as the immature idiot you were in high school! LMAO

    Great post!

  2. Reading this post really made me laugh. I was at a local coffee shop the other morning waiting for my drink, and I noticed a lady who looked familiar. I didn't think I knew her from my current job or previous job, but I thought she had little kids. Finally it hit me, I thought she was my neighbor. But then she walked by me and didn't say anything, so I decided maybe it wasn't. And then we went to leave and I saw her car in the parking lot....

    So I totally relate to not knowing my neighbors!