Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Can Not Solicit in this Neighborhood!

I live in a really nice neighborhood and in our most recent newsletter there was an article about solicitors. This has become somewhat of a problem in our neighborhood. We have signs at both entrances of our neighborhood that say “No Soliciting”. The article said that if a solicitor comes to your door you should call the police. It doesn’t matter if they have a permit or not. I don’t like to answer the door if I am not expecting someone. I always check for delivery trucks or the mail truck out the window before I go to the door. The doorbell ringing is almost a daily occurrence with some kind of parcel or package. Normally the solicitors are respectful but occasionally they are kind of pushy. I will write about “magazine salespeople” at another time. I have a good story to tell.

Fast forward to today. The doorbell rings, its naptime I am upstairs watching TV and texting my friends. I get up and look out the window no cars and no trucks, not even a tractor or bulldozer in sight. I thought maybe it’s a neighbor so I go downstairs and there was a girl who I would say was about 16. First she was banging on the window, which kind of annoyed me. I reluctantly opened the door. She was like hi!! Her tone was like nails going down a chalkboard. I was like yeah what do you want. She was staring at me. I was upstairs relaxing. She was like don’t worry you don’t have to buy anything, she hands me a piece of paper and started her prepared speech, I stopped her and was like you can’t solicit here. It’s illegal. We have signs posted. You are going to get to the cops called on you. I was trying to be nice. She was like well do you know where I have to go to get permission? I was like no you can’t solicit here. She said I have a permit. I said it doesn’t matter permit or no permit it’s still illegal. She said should I call my manager? I said I think you should take it up with them. She said ok and I closed the door.

It is funny because my friend Brandy and I were talking about this the other day and again on Saturday. She had quite a few strangers come to her door. I told her we normally hide from strangers. Well you can never be too careful. Remember what happened to Mary Jo Buttafuoco? She answered the door innocently and Amy Fisher shot her in the head. Oddly enough I thought about that shortly after she left. I think I have seen The Long Island Lolita Story too many times on Lifetime Movie Network or something. I love that movie though. I am very interested in true crime and law.

I really don’t like solicitors. There are also the ones that try to trick you in to their goods and services, but I will discuss that more in an upcoming post. Another trick a solicitor will try is walking around saying oh I am working on your neighbor’s yard or house and I thought you would like my services too. I am having a special on such and such. That doesn’t work with me. It sounds too much like a scam. I am less likely to get services and goods from people peddling them door to door than if I am seeking them out on my own. Of course I have nothing against kids in the neighborhood selling candy or over priced gifts and wrapping paper. I was one of those kids once. I am sure you all remember I used to sell pictures I colored out of my coloring books. What do you think about solicitors? Does your area have any laws against them?


  1. My area {or state} as far as I know, does not have any laws against soliciting. I know that for some people, it IS their job, but that doesn't mean that I WANT to listen to them or buy whatever they are selling. I HATE it when Jehovah Witnesses ring my doorbell. I don't mean to bash them....I respect their religious choices, but if I wanted to be a part of that religion...I would be. As a kid, my mom would only let us sell stuff to our family and close personal friends {some of whom were neighbors}. But we were not EVER allowed to go door to door. I probably won't be letting my son do that when he becomes school aged either; unless it is for a neighbor we know personally. As for kids, selling stuff like candy or wrapping paper to earn money for school functions, etc...I don't mind it, I just hate when I have to tell then no.

  2. I hate solicitors. It's so annoying. I live in an apartment community so honestly we don't get a tone. But then again, I also never open the door unless it's FedEx or UPS (and I will watch out the window to make sure since it faces the street), or like the property people or my neighbors.

    I have come out to my car some mornings to crap advertisements under my wiper or one day, a sticky note with something about earning cash on it. I don't know what the rules are honestly, I do know that people aren't allowed to solicit in the complex...

    Oh I also had jehovah's witnesses come one day. They rang my bell for what seemed like forever....then finally left.

  3. I HIGHLY recommend this sign. I have it for my door and I don't always bring it back in when the baby is awake. It says "STOP; DO NOT Ring This Doorbell. Baby Is Sleeping. Mother Will Hurt You."

    And I'm not kidding. :-)

    She has a new one; It adds "No Mercy For Solicitors."

  4. I don't think we have any laws against them here in California or in my neighborhood, but we are lucky and don't get too many.