Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker Review


Noah loves to eat breakfast foods. He loves pancakes a lot as I have mentioned before. He also loves shapes. He will make his food in different shapes and when I had the opportunity to try out an Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker, I knew Noah would think that it is the coolest thing. The Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker is made by LC Premiums, Ltd., who also makes the Pop Art Toaster. The Tasty Baker is an electric appliance that you use to cook pancakes, muffins, little cakes, brownies, and biscuits. The possibilities are really endless. It all cooks it in 1/3 of the time, which can be a total life saver sometimes. They also have a Disney character one.

The best part of it is that there are molds in it that you can make shapes like trains, smiley faces, blocks, hearts and even dogs and cats. Noah and I love to cook together too. He loves to pour ingredients in the bowl complete with sound effects of trucks. He also loves to mix and he asks me if he can be a cement mixer. Of course I can’t tell him no. He is a great little helper in the kitchen. I usually just do the actual measuring and help with the mixing and of course if the oven is used or in this case the Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker.

I couldn’t wait to receive The Tasty Baker. I was so excited because I knew Noah would be so happy to eat train shaped pancakes. We tried it out the next morning and made pancakes. I had my little assistant in the kitchen with me ready to get to work. We just used packaged pancake mix and it worked well. The pancakes were so moist and delicious. Cleaning up was really easy too. I love to cook and bake but hate to clean up afterwards. So, I was impressed at how easily I could just wipe down the plates and it was ready for the next time.

Shortly after we made the pancakes, we decided we were going to try and make brownies with it. I love brownies but we have trouble eating an entire pan ourselves. It seems like more often than not there are a few left that end up getting thrown out. I love that you can make individual ones and as many as you want. Maybe you want a little snack but don’t feel like making that entire pan, but really want brownies, then The Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker is for your family. The brownies were great too. Noah and I really enjoyed talking about the different shapes we were going to make. It is also great for his creativity and imagination because it will spark conversations and lead to many smiles and laughs. The brownies were great too. Noah loves brownies so he kept asking for more. I had to put them up in the cabinet or he would eat them straight off the counter.

I really like The Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker and I am glad that it is now added to my kitchen and will continue to use it in my daily life. I am a very busy mom of an adorable little boy who always keeps me on my toes so it is great to have an appliance that is practical and easy to use. It allows me to have more time to spend with my son and enjoy yummy food with him and bond over what we make and eat together. There are also a lot of recipes on the website that I can’t wait to try out.

For more information please visit The Pop Art Toaster website. Also check out the Pop Art Toaster for a fun and hip way to enjoy your toast.

You can purchase The Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker Here

Thank you to LC Premiums, Ltd. for sending me a complimentary The Original 5-in-1 Tasty Baker for my family to enjoy.


  1. What a great product! I want it! LOL Yummy yummy in my tummy!

  2. That looks so cool. Such a great way to "dress up" breakfast for the kiddos.