Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I used to collect masks. I am not talking about Halloween Masks but those beautiful masks known as Venetian Masks. I had a few of them. I am not sure whatever happened to them. I am sad that I don’t have them anymore. They were up on a shelf in my room by my porcelain dolls. I really enjoy looking at all the different ones that are made. It is really cool to think about how each of the masks has a story behind them. Some artists decide to make them look like animals. There are full faced ones and partial ones that you wear around your eyes, like the ones you wear to a costume party. I think the full masks are more for decoration, but you could wear them too if you wanted. They are breath taking pieces of art. The details are absolutely amazing. Many of them are hand crafted and the artist spent hours making each mask.

I have always wanted to go to an elegant masquerade ball were the guest wear stick masquerade masks. I used to watch soap operas all the time and they always went to masquerade balls and wore masks. It would be so much fun getting all dressed up and wearing a gorgeous dress and a mask that would match it perfectly. I would like to wear one with feathers and glitter. It would make the costume ball magical because you wouldn’t know who you are dancing with until the mask comes off. It would be great if you are secretly in love with someone and they had the courage to ask them to dance. I am a hopeless romantic. What would your mask look like if you were going to a costume ball? Do you collect masks? What does your favorite one look like?

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