Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guest Post: Beauty myths - Don’t let them get to you

One of the things women will care about consistently throughout their lives will be their beauty and skincare. It is actually amazing how far women would actually go to preserve their skin against aging, or to reduce acne and freckles or to get a glowing spotless skin. Well, most of us tend to believe a lot in beauty myths that we read in magazines or have just been passed down from mother to daughter. Well, don’t follow these supposedly beauty tips without confirmation because most of them tend to be just myths and nothing else.

Myth1: Crossing your legs will cause varicose veins - Wrong! Sitting with crossed legs cannot cause spider legs or varicose veins but spending a lot of time standing up may do that. When you stand up for too long, your vascular network has to work harder to pump blood to your heart and this can cause protruding veins on your legs.

Myth 2: Shaving your legs makes the hair come back thicker-another myth. Your hair will grow as they should, according to your genes. Some people have lighter, thinner hair while some have darker, thicker hair; shaving has nothing to do with it. Only, when you shave, you cut the hair, it’s not removed from the root so when they grow back, they tend to look thicker.

Myth 3: Applying ice to the skin will make the pores smaller - Wrong! Our pores are once again, part of our genes and that also has nothing to do with artificial products. The size of our pores will remain as they are. However, ice can act as a good toner for your skin anyway.

Myth 4: Applying nail polish all the time can make nails yellow - True. This happens to a lot of women who love wearing nail polish all the time. The reason for this being true is that our nails can absorb the color pigments, especially of stronger and darker colors. So before you put on the color, apply a layer of clear base coat which can prevent the nails from absorbing pigment.

Myth 5: Toothpaste can cure pimples – well, yes kind of. Toothpaste has elements and ingredients that can heal a pimple much sooner and can dry it up but toothpaste can also irritate your skin and dry it. So it may be a better idea to use pimple cream rather than toothpaste if your skin is especially susceptible.

Myth 6: Applying beer on skin before a sun tan can make it glow - Not! Unless you are going for a self-tan, try to avoid sun tanning altogether. Applying beer has nothing to do with golden tans; it’s all about the genetics. Some people can get good and golden tans while some cannot, it is as simple as that.

Myth 7: Split ends can be repaired-Wrong. Split ends once formed are formed and you cannot force the hair to repair itself back again. Split ends are a sign of unhealthy treatment or just an indication that it is high time for you to get your hair trimmed. Hair trimming can actually make hair grow quickly and remain healthy.

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