Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun in the Backyard!

When we were building our house having a big patio was something we really wanted to have. We have a gorgeous view and didn’t want to build a deck so a big patio was the way to go. I don’t know if you have ever had a BBQ and had to squeeze all of your guests plus the grill on a small patio. It is not fun at all. I love having all the extra space to spread out and not have to worry about having people crowding me on a small patio. Another great benefit is I can have quite a bit of outdoor furniture. It gives me a spot to put chairs that are in the grass when it is time to mow. I think it is so much fun to sit outside and eat dinner with my family. I like picnics but I enjoy sitting at a nice table too. I love to sit outside in the evenings and talk on the phone or just relax and take in the nature around me. I live in a really nice area and it is extremely peaceful.

I am reminded of when I was growing up. We had this really old picnic table. I must have eaten a million Popsicles at that picnic table. My dad made the picnic table so it was one that moved with us and was at each of our houses. It is funny that a picnic table can mean so much to me. It surely had a lot of memories of my childhood. I know it was repainted quite a few times from being out in the elements. I also have memories of my grandparents sitting with me at that picnic table. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world but it was a nice place to rest your bones as my grandma would say. Now outdoor furniture is extremely comfortable and it still serves the same purpose, to rest your bones.

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  1. I just moved to a new place and I am so happy we have a patio. We didn't have any yard or patio at our last place, so I missed that.