Friday, May 14, 2010

What is The 99?

What is The 99? It is a simulation of the bad choices that some teens make. It is a safe way to show them the consequences if they make the wrong choices in life. The number 99 is based on a statistic that 99 teenagers die each day from unnatural causes and bad choices such as drugs, fighting, suicide, domestic violence and car accidents. There are gruesome scenes of crack houses, where you find people overdosed and dead, car accidents where the teens are hanging out of the window bloody and mangled. It takes the haunted house to the next level. We all know there is no such a thing as Freddy Krueger or the wolfman, so when we go to those haunted houses they are just fun. The 99’s tent brings the haunted house to life, real life.

Sadly, most teens know someone who has overdosed or died from a car accident, they see their friends and themselves in the faces of the actors. This is a intense wakeup call for them. Normally, it just starts out with a little bit of drugs or drinking at a party, then it escalates where they are no longer in control and the drug or alcohol will take over. Those situations are very dangerous and they could lead to a whole host of problems and ultimately death. I urge you parents to take your teens or have them go with their friends and see The 99. What is the 99 travels all over the country. You can check on their website for when they might be in a town near you.

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  1. I love that you bring voice to this. Sometime the victims just continue the cycle so it is important to get them therapy and attention to stop the cycle.