Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not all Wal-marts are created equal.

I am going to tell you all about a series of experiences that I endured with a Wal-mart store. This is something that I will remember for a very long time because it really made me irate. It all started when I lived next to a Wal-mart. I went to this Wal-mart frequently. At least three times a week. It was just through the gate of the gated apartment complex I lived in. It was a quick walk. So, it started out like any other day on a typical Wal-mart trip. I went around and picked out some stuff to purchase. I found some clothes for Noah. They were on clearance for $1 each. I picked out a bunch and got him some Gerber puffs and a couple other things and made my way to the check out.

I always make it a habit to watch the prices ring up. I noticed the clothes and the puffs were all ringing up wrong. I said something to the cashier who looked at me like I was a nutcase. She then made me walk back with her and show her the prices. No big deal right? Oh no. I know that Wal-mart has had a policy of if the item doesn’t ring up right you and it is under $3 then you get the item free or you get $3 off if it was more. All the items were under $3. They then told me they never heard of that. The CSM never heard of it, although, it was written on the little check stand in front of me. They made me feel like stupid and crazy. They made me cry. The store had many issues not to mention the cashier and CSM couldn’t figure out how to void a transaction. I think they were trying to make me concede and leave. They shortly removed all of those signs on the check stands. I have been a Wal-mart customer for a long time and was well aware.

Well I decided after I was in tears in the middle of Wal-mart I wanted to talk to the store manager. I had been treated like garbage and I wanted to make it clear that it was unacceptable. The store manager called me the next day and talked to me for forty five minutes. He told me that he wanted me to gather my complaints and come in to the store and have a meeting with him. I had made a list of many things, this was not the first or last time this happened within the scope of being a customer at this Wal-mart. I documented all the phone calls and everything. I wanted to feel that since they were getting my money they could have their employees treat me and all other customers with respect.

So, I spent time writing down my concerns because I thought that he really cared about my thoughts. It came to the day of our meeting, Noah had been not been feeling good. I took him out with me to Wal-mart because I didn’t want to miss my appointment and my mom was going to come get him. I get there nice and early and the service desk acts like I am on drugs and that they had no idea I was coming. I wait for a half an hour and this lady said Chris had an emergency and had to leave. OK fine. Most people have cell phones or a store full of employees that one could have picked up the phone and called and said something. I was so annoyed at the time. I tried to call him a few more times and each time he hung up on me. Remember this was Chris’s idea in the first place.

I called Wal-mart’s 1800 number. They told me they couldn’t do anything. They said that they would call the district manager. So, Duane, the district manager called me and talked to me for a while and then he said he wanted to meet with me when he was in the area. Duane also told me that he has worked for Wal-mart for a long time and the policy that I tried to have them honor was still their policy. Then the store manager called me and said that I wanted a meeting with him (Chris). That is what he said Duane said. I said it was Duane’s idea and he was like oh, it was Duane’s idea, with complete sarcasm in his voice. I called Duane and he said that he was going to have a talk with Chris because I was really upset. Duane said that he was going to call me to meet with me when he got back from his business trip and it has been two years and I never heard from him again.

Wal-mart’s customer service wouldn’t do anything. I repeatedly emailed them. I still have the emails. I guess they emailed me back saying give us more information and we will forward it to the right department. I even replied that the proper department will not do anything. They never replied. I told Duane that I wouldn’t hold my breath; he of course lied and promised he would contact me.

My favorite line in my email back to Wal-mart is I guess a mom’s voice gets buried under all of the bundles of cash that Wal-mart makes. In this case it is true.


  1. Wal-mart doesn't care because they don't have to care. People will continue to spend butt loads of money there while they treat people like crap.

  2. Thanks for sharing. That is horrible! I am really tired of companies not following THEIR OWN policies and each manager thinking they can do whatever they want in their store. Walgreens is notorious for this in my experience!!

  3. Every time I go to use internet coupons at my local Walmart they refuse even though it is the Company's policy to take them. What also gets me is that I hear of other people being able to use their internet coupons.
    I print mine from reputable sights so they are real. I find the cashiers at our Meijer a bit more helpful and friendly. I did have a pretty good cashier the last time I went but usually I don't.

  4. Half the time at my local walmart the cashier acts like its a big hassle to scan my coupons. The most diappointing thing is i won a free years supply of crystal light ice pops in the form of free product coupons and they give me a hard time every single time. I could see if it was for a free product that was expensive but they pops are like 3.89 or something. The coupon is printed on both sides and was mailed directly to me from the manufacturer. They arent even like printed on paper you use in your home printer. These are heavier weight, gloss on two sided, full color coupons.