Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kid's Pajamas

Noah loves to wear pajamas. He must of gotten that trait from me. I am a pajama girl. Noah has tons of really cute jammies. I usually buy him Carter’s because I love the way they look and feel. I was a Carter’s kid too. I really like Carter’s but I don’t think that the pajamas for older kids last as long as baby jammies. Noah has many pajamas with holes in them. The footed ones are the worst. I don’t like when his little toes are sticking out. Some of his other pajamas have completely fallen apart with him inside them. It isn’t always the Carter’s ones. It makes no sense.

Yes he is bigger and more active than he was when he was an infant or only a year or so but it’s not like he is super active in them. It’s not like he plays football in them. OK maybe pretend football but not to the point where it is rough. I always try and get sizes that are roomy for him. He is known to put stuff in his “pockets” aka his jammies. He also has pajamas that he has that are his favorites. Right now it’s his brown space ship pajamas and his fire truck jammies
(the second generation).

I am not sure what the deal is. I wish they would last longer. He must have his momma’s luck when it comes to pajamas falling apart because you all know I have the same problem. I wish pajamas came with a warranty that they wouldn’t fall apart until your child grew out of them but I don’t think that would ever happen. It’s kind of frustrating. Kid’s pajamas are not cheap unless you get them on sale or a clearance. I feel like I am constantly buying him pajamas. I don’t really mind because I want him to be comfortable. They just need to last as long as it takes for him to go to another size. I am aware that kids can stay in a size for quite a while. It is not like it is happening right away. I guess some of the pajamas are like the velveteen rabbit and the ones that are the most worn out are the most loved; which is true in our case.

What kinds of pajamas do you put your children in? Do you think it happens to you too or do I manage to pick the defective ones in the store every time?


  1. I have to say that's the one thing that Riley has never worn out is jammies. He always seems to out grow them before they're worn and I do buy them big. His favorite pair are Carters brand I believe. We got them at Costco and they have Mooses (what's the word for more than one moose?! lol!) all over them and little moose feet. They are super cute and he wants to wear them almost every night. It's hard now that it's getting warm out to convence him to wear his short/cooler PJ's.
    Good luck finding something to last for noah. I love Carters brand too but we also have Old Navy PJ's that have seemed to hold up.

  2. Sears has the kidvantage program that if the clothes fall apart before they outgrow them they will replace them. Having said that I never actually shop at sears. Just don't want to pay their prices

  3. I am bad, I hardly ever buy PJ's my boys wear hand me downs and it's usually sweat pants and t-shirts for them! LOL