Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Bees and me!

I was on Facebook and I was reading a status update from my friend Brandy of Happily Blended about how she mowed through a swarm of bees and didn’t get stung, and it brought up a memory of mine from when I was in elementary school. I commented and said “That's good you just gave me an idea for a blog post lol”. She responded “Oh no! LOL funny how a short status update on FB can give us bloggers a story idea!” We both got a good laugh about it. I thought I would share two funny bee stories with you. I have quite a few funny bee stories. I must be as sweet as honey because they always bother me.

I was in elementary school, and it was recess. My friend and I decided we would be cool and tough and kill bees. I don’t know why we decided to do it. I was in 3rd or 4th grade. We decided we would step on them. We were trying to be cool, and show off I assume as it was a long time ago. Well we spent almost all of recess trying to kill bees. I wasn’t very successful, we would try and step on one and run away so we wouldn’t get stung. I finally killed one. Me being the brilliant 3rd or 4th grader I was, picked up the dead bee and put it in the palm of my hand to show my friends and the other kids in my grade. Then it happened, I realized I had been stung. I looked around for the bee so I could step on that one too and then I figured out, I stung myself with the dead bee. I had to go to the nurse’s office and it hurt so bad. In the defense of the bees, this first story was my fault. All the other times I was minding my own beeswax.

It was my birthday and I decided I wanted to go to an Amish Fair for my birthday with my friend. I was a weird child. I even took folk dancing as an extra activity in school. I was very interested in other cultures and you know how I like fairs. I also love cotton candy. I was standing there eating pink cotton candy and I was wearing a skirt and I ended up getting stung by a bee on my thigh. It hurt so bad.

After that bees and wasps visiting me on my birthday became a reoccurring thing. Maybe it was a curse for stomping on a bee in elementary school. I really don’t like bees especially after seeing My Girl. It was so sad and terrifying when the bees killed Thomas J. I will be sharing a couple more bee stories in an upcoming post.

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  1. I got stung on the tongue when I was a kid. A bee had gotten stuck in my bottle of Strawberry soda without my knowing and it made for a very painful swig of soda.