Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bath and Bodyworks

I used to work at Bath and Bodyworks when I was younger. It was a fun job. I have always been a Bath and Bodyworks junkie as long as I can remember. I worked in a store that was upgrading to the new fancy store. I helped them move and set up the store. It was interesting. I met a lot of interesting people and surprisingly I didn’t get sick of the smell of the store. I had to be really perky. I am a friendly person, but I am also a tad bit shy. I don’t like being all in your face like you have to be with that job. Most of the people I worked with were really nice, I had fun joking around with the cute stock guys even. I learned something I wanted to share with you all. It’s not really a corporate secret but it is something that not everyone knows and I didn’t until I worked there.

Everything at Bath and Bodyworks has a 100% guarantee. How long does the guarantee last? For-ever( in my best Squints voice). Does it have to be new? Nope, if you decide you don’t like the scent anymore you can exchange it. You know your sense of smell changes, especially if you bought it when you were pregnant or if it reminds you of a horrible memory. Have no fear you can take it back no questions asked. I have actually put it to the test. There were things I had for years that just didn’t smell good to me anymore and I exchanged them. The receipt was somewhere buried under 50 feet of trash in a landfill, they gave me store credit, they didn’t give me the price I had paid for because some of it was discontinued packaging or scents.

Of course I am not telling you to clean out your drawer of Bath and Bodyworks products and exchange them, but I know we all have that one or two bottles of lotion or bodywash where we are now thinking what the heck that stinks. I am almost convinced that they pump scents in the air ducts so you are in a scent coma that forces you to buy more. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. We all know it is almost impossible for me to walk in there and not come out with something. It’s not that I am out, it is quite contrary. I have plenty. My two favorite scents are from the classics collection and I stock up on them after Christmas when they are super cheap.

My favorites are Pearberry and Country Apple. I also really like Juniper Breeze but I always go back to my old stand bys. I remember how upset I got when they retired Pearberry. I cried a lot. I eventually found it online again but I didn’t want to pay the shipping for it. The next thing I knew it was back in the stores for limited times. Usually at Christmas. So, I have quite a few Pearberry body washes, lotions and sprays. I wish they made it in the antibac soap again. All my sinks have Bath and Bodyworks soaps on them. I need a support group badly. I have gotten a little bit better just because I have so many, but I still get the urge from time to time. I only buy it when it is on sale and/or I have coupons. They always ask me for my email address for coupons and I always say, “You already have all my email addresses.” I went yesterday and bought some more soap!


  1. thanks for the info Shelia! I never thought that old product would still be guaranteed, i just threw out a bottle of body cream that was 2/3 full as it seemed like it lost some of the moisturizing oils or something? in my fav, that I don't think they ever make Vanilla bean...
    I too, have a large stash in a nice cool spot of the house... useful too, if an un-expected need for a gift appears!
    hugs, Faythe @GMT

  2. As you know.....I need a support group too! I haven't bought anything in almost a year and STILL have massive quantities of the stuff. Wonder what the shelf life is? Come visit me. I miss you!