Monday, April 26, 2010

Uno's Chicago Grill Limited Time Menu Review


As you all know, I love to eat. I also love going out to restaurants and trying new foods. Now, that I am a mom I go and pick up food more than I go out to eat. It is just easier with Noah. Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to try out the New limited time Jazzfest menu from Uno Chicago Grill.

I spent the week looking at the menu online and trying to figure out what I was going to get in anticipation of my meal. I had never been to the Uno I was going to and I was excited to go check it out. I brought my mom and Noah with me to eat. We arrived and the restaurant was really nice. The hosts were really friendly and they made sure Noah had crayons and a coloring sheet. The server was very prompt and made sure we had plenty of beverages. I also had the opportunity to meet the store manager he was really nice as well. He asked me about my blog and made sure everything was going well throughout the meal.


I ordered the Voodoo Bones with Bourbon BBQ Sauce Slow-roasted New Orleans seasoned ribs served with our sweet and smoky Maker's Mark bourbon BBQ sauce. Served with choice of two sides. I chose broccoli and fries as my sides. The ribs were delicious. They were spicy but not too much spice where it was overboard. The BBQ sauce was really flavorful. The ribs were really tender and easy to eat. They have a dry rub on them so you don’t have the need for a bunch of wet wipes or napkins. I enjoyed the broccoli and fries too. Well what I was able to eat. Noah kept stealing MY fries. I really enjoyed my meal. This is a must eat if you are a rib lover like I am.

My mom ordered the Ragin' Pasta. Chicken, shrimp and andouille sausage tossed with plum tomatoes, a zesty tomato sauce and fettuccine. It looked really colorful and even came with a breadstick. You get a lot of food when you order the Ragin’ Pasta. It seemed like it was an endless bowl because it kept going. My mom really enjoyed the Ragin’ Pasta. She kept talking about how delicious it was. She had her left overs for dinner.

Noah ordered cheese pizza and fries and apple juice off the kid’s menu. Noah also had his first real experience with drinking apple juice out of a glass with a straw and soda lid. He did really well. I was afraid that he was going to end up with apple juice all over his clothes but he didn’t spill a drop. He really liked the pizza and fries. He was really well behaved but we ended up taking the pizza home with us because he was too involved with eating his fries. Each time he ate a fry he would say mmm Yummy. He told me I couldn’t quote him on that but I am his mommy and I am the boss! We enjoyed the pizza at home for dinner and Noah kept asking for more pizza please.

We had a wonderful time at Uno's Chicago Grill. It was such a fun and delicious experience. We would love to be invited back. I hope you guys will check out the new Jazzfest menu that is available for a limited time.

For more information check out their website HERE
Not sure if there is an Uno Chicago Grill near you check out the restaurant locator

Thank you to Uno’s for inviting my family in to try out the special menu at no cost to us. These opinions are my own.

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