Tuesday, April 20, 2010



When I went to San Diego with my friend for a wedding, we went to the beach. At the beach there was a bar on the beach with some hammock chairs. We sat that for like an hour enjoying the warm weather and the scenery. I immediately fell in love with the hammock chair and from that point on I wanted one for my own. I didn’t really want to leave the hammock chair. I was on a hunt for one when I got back. Every hammock chair I saw was very expensive so I hadn’t got one. So, when I heard about NOVICA which is an online store in association with National Geographic I was intrigued. I also like to help support other countries by purchasing from their local artists; I know I have more than some of them. NOVICA sells all kinds of items from local artists in other countries. Everything is handcrafted. There are some really cool and beautiful items. They even have corporate gifts that would be great for any office to give out for a holiday gift or even as a thank you to a client.

I had the opportunity to try out something from NOVICA. It was really hard to choose. I must have spent an hour trying to figure out what I wanted the most. NOVICA has beautiful jewelry, paintings, apparel, home d├ęcor and so much more . There are so many things I would love to receive as gifts. Then there it was a hammock chair. The hammock chair is made in Mexico. I got really excited. I had found one after all this time. It reminded me of San Diego and the memories I had made there. I immediately pictured myself sitting in it in my backyard looking out at the pond enjoying the sounds of the ducks and the fountain. I imagined myself relaxing and just taking in my surroundings. I told Noah about the hammock chair and that we were going to get one. He thought it sounded really cool but he had no idea. I anxiously awaited the arrival of my hammock chair. The day it arrived I was amazed at how gorgeous it was. It is really well made. It was soft and really easy to hang.

When I sat in it for the first time, I was so relaxed. I could feel my stress melt away. It is crazy how just a little relaxing can make all the difference in the world. I have been sitting in it whenever the weather has permitted it. I see myself sitting in it in the summer and drinking a frozen drink. Noah enjoys sitting in it too. He thinks it is his own personal swing. I am always right next to him when he is in it in case he would fall out, but I don’t see that happening because the hammock chair is big and strong.

I hope when you are looking for a great gift you will check out NOVICA and help support local artists in other countries. For more information and to order this hammock chair and other items please visit HERE.

Thank you to NOVICA for sending me a hammock chair to try for my review.

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