Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank You Julie @itsallnew2me

I wanted to take a moment to thank one of my readers who also follows me on Twitter. I often tweet about how much Noah loves Max and Ruby. She told me about Max and Ruby stuffed animals and how she found them at her grocery store. I had found them on Amazon but they wanted $7.99 for them plus shipping. I was going to pay for Max since Noah loves him but she alerted me to check the grocery store and where to find him.

I went to the TY website and found out where they sold their products and sure enough they sold them at a grocery store nearby. I went there on Saturday and my heart sang when I went to the floral department and saw Max staring at me. I quickly snatched him up and went to the check out, I paid $5.34 for him including tax. I know that Noah will be really excited to find Max in his Easter basket. So, thank you so much Julie. You are awesome! She also shared with me some really cute Max and Ruby fabric prints.

Thanks again Julie! You helped bring a smile to Noah’s face! I can't wait to give him Max.
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  1. well how sweet of you too, I'm so happy you found one too as I did in the floral dept at your local grocers, who would of thought things like that would be there but they are and much cheaper too. If I see other Max & Ruby great finds I'll be sure to let you know. I hope Noah has a Hopp'n great Easter! :-) God Bless > Julie
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com