Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Strangers with Candy

One of my favorite shows is Strangers With Candy. It used to be on Comedy Central in 1999 to 2002. I would stay up late just to watch it. It was hilarious. I have all three seasons on DVD and I have the movie too. I still enjoy watching it. I had bought the movie without watching it and I didn’t really like it for a number of reasons.

Strangers with Candy is about a woman named Jerri Blank who was a 46 year old high school freshman. She was a boozer, a loser and a user. She even stole the TV. She decided to go back to school and although the faces have changed the hassles are just the same. It is a ridiculous show that I think is so funny. It’s supposed to be parodies of those “After school Specials”. They can get pretty raunchy but I love it.

Some of the running gags are Jerri’s dad is never seen moving, when you see him he is in a weird frozen pose. The art teacher and the history teacher are secretly in love. There are always funny things on the marquee sign in front of Flat Point High. Everything is about things that teenagers go through.

My favorite episodes are the two part episodes where Jerri joins a cult. She goes to the mall with her friend Orlando and she meets this girl named Rebecca who is selling flowers. Since Jerri is a social outcast she gets talked in to going to Safe Trap House and joins the cult. At first it is really hard to break Jerri to where she accepts being in the cult but ultimately she falls under Father's spell and her friends have to go rescue her.

The idea of Strangers with Candy is based on a woman named Florrie Fisher. She looks almost identical to Amy Sedaris’ character of Jerri Blank. Florrie Fisher used to go on tours and talk to high school students in the 70’s about the dangers of drugs, and prostitution. The resemblance is pretty scary. I watched one of her speeches called The Trip Back on YouTube. Florrie Fisher ended up disappearing and never being found as did Jerri Blank.

So, if you want something hilarious to watch that really doesn’t have much of a point. You should check out Strangers With Candy. It stars Amy Sedaris, Stephen Colbert, and Gregory Holliman. You will be entertained. I thought I was the only person in the world that loves Strangers with Candy but I found out my friend Victoria loves it too.


  1. That actually sounds screwball funny.

    I would like to say though, that Victoria liking something is not a great argument for something NOT being weird ROFL (love ya Victoria)

  2. I have wanted to check out this show forever especially since Stephen Colbert is on it. So I am glad to hear it is so funny.

  3. Kim, I will prove you wrong...thisI swear.. (awesome post Sheila)

  4. Kim, I will prove you wrong...thisI swear.. (awesome post Sheila)