Thursday, March 4, 2010

I was an Orphan in Annie.

After two really fun conversations with my friend Victoria I was inspired to do this. One thing you have to know about Victoria is she is awesome. She always makes me laugh a lot and I know she will brighten my day. During our conversation she was reading my blog while we were on the phone. She read my post about acting and singing and said you were in an off Broadway version of Annie? I said yes. Victoria was also in the musical Annie. We were both orphans. She was the nameless one and I can’t remember what the name is of any of my characters were. She told me about how the table broke during the cast photo and we swapped Annie stories.

Then we started talking about the music. We were actually singing Annie songs together. We sang NYC, Easy Street, Thank you Herbert Hoover etc. NYC is probably my favorite Annie song. At one point later in our conversation we were talking about something else and Victoria made the comment of something like things will get better tomorrow. I started singing Tomorrow. We are dorks but we have fun doing it. We decided to start a new Facebook group called I was an orphan in Annie. I am sure there are millions of us out there.

We both decided we liked the song Little Girls too. I was up really late singing Annie songs. I am surprised my son didn’t wake up and cry because I was pretty loud. So, this morning I decided to sing some karaoke in honor of our orphan days. So, Victoria this is for you and all those Annie orphans out there.

Little girls - Vote for my rendition!
There is no reason to vote cause i didn't want votes. Also I want to point out that I am singing it like Miss Hannagain would