Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Noah

Today is my baby's half birthday. Half birthday's are kind of a big deal in my house. When I was little I would get a present on my half birthday usually the day before or after since My half birthday is Feb. 29th and that is Leap Day. My sister got a present on her half birthday too. That is how we did it. I decided we would get Angel Food Cake to celebrate. I love Angel Food Cake and it was my Grandma Rose's favorite cake and she always had some whenever I would visit. Even if I didn't tell her I was coming. She always knew.

Another reason we are having Angel Food Cake is because it was the first food Noah fed to me when he was really small. It was the sweetest thing that he would share with me. He had two pieces of cake tonight. I asked if I could have some and he shoved what he had left in his mouth. Noah is getting so old so fast. Time is flying by so quickly. It seems like only yesterday I found out that I was going to have him. He is such a bundle of love and kisses and joy. I treasure every moment with him.

He also got a haircut today. My mom took him and when he got home he said "Mommy I look so handsome. I look so handsome Mommy" I agreed. He does look really handsome. We also played outside and he played baseball and rode his big wheel. I r was so much fun.

So, Happy Half Birthday Noah. I love you so much.


  1. Awesome! Happy Half Birthday Noah!

  2. Happy Belated Half Birthday to you, and Happy Half Birthday to Noah!

    One time, my aunt made me a "half" birthday cake. (2 circle cakes cut in half and stacked all 4 pieces on each other). :) (My half b-day is in June.)