Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boogie Wipes are not just for kids

One of my guy friends texted me and told me that he is sick. I asked him what was wrong? He told me he hates his nose. I texted him back and said Here is a mom tip. Go spend 3 or 4 dollars on a package of Boogie Wipes. He asked me what it is and I explained them to him and told him about how they have saline and how saline breaks up mucus. He sounds interested. I told him how awesome they are. I use them and so does Noah. I actually use the more than Noah does.

So, I want to remind everyone that Boogie Wipes are not just for kids. Adults can use them too. You don't have to have kids to use them, You just have to have a nose. Most people have one so, get some Boogie Wipes. Grape is still my favorite scent. I haven't used a tissue since I first used Boogie Wipes and never will again. They give me the creeps. Especially when you have your nose drippings not stick on the tissue. This is still a product I really believe in and I still think everyone should use them.

PS. When you text the word boogers it is the same letters in congress. I kept trying to type it with the T9 on and it kept putting congress.

This post is written by me because I love Boogie Wipes and wanted to share with you all how much I still love them.


  1. I am such a Boogie Wipes fan. Partly because it is a great product and more so because the founders understand social media and networking.

  2. I agree. The Boogie Moms are awesome!

  3. I guess your post only proves that even "real men" need booger protection! and hate a sore nose ;)

    Faythe @GMT