Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tinkerbell Cosmetics

I was talking to my awesome friend Victoria tonight and we started talking about Tinkerbell cosmetics. They used to sell yellow cologne, fairy dust powder and my personal favorite, the peel off nail polish. I decided to search online for it, sadly they don’t make it anymore and now it is just a distant memory. You know what the coolest thing about it was? It was definitely that you could peel it off. I would sit there and paint my nails and wait for them to dry and peel it off and repeat. I have never really been too big on nail polish but I would totally wear some hot pink Tinkerbell peel off nail polish. It was awesome.
This is not to be confused with Disney's Tinkerbell

So many happy Tinkerbell memories I have. I am sure many of you remember it too. It was nail polish I was actually allowed to wear. Like I said before I painted it just to peel it off. I would try and get one fingernail off at a time without ripping it, I don’t remember if I was actually successful but I am sure I managed to do it at least a couple times. I miss Tinkerbell Cosmetics. It seems like they are bringing back all kinds of things from my childhood I think Tinkerbell should totally be on it. I remember the last time I was looking for it, and I couldn’t find it and I cried. So, please bring it back.

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  1. Here's another trip down memory lane!