Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have a little compassion

Where has all the compassion gone? Seriously, I don’t know why people think it is funny or nice to make fun of people because they dress different than you or are a different race or look different. It is not cool to say go to a store and take a picture of a stranger and then exploit them on a website where they purposely make fun of people and the way they look. Not everyone dresses the same. That is part of being different and unique. Just because someone is not dressed like a cookie cutter image of what is in a fashion magazine does not by any means give someone the right to hurt their feelings or make fun of them. Most people do not walk around trying to get on a stupid website. I am sure there are many people that don’t know what it is. I also think that they don’t do it for attention either. Maybe they never will know that they are being laughed at behind a computer screen but maybe someone they love will see it or it really doesn’t matter because it is wrong in my opinion. I doubt someone would want to be made fun of on a website that is mean spirited disguised as humor.

I also don’t think it is funny when people make jokes about disabled people to be funny. They say things like special Ed this and helmet that. People with disabilities are people first and the disability is just a challenge and a part of them. Do I think that everyone that uses the R word and tells jokes about disabilities is purposely making fun of those that have those challenges? No, not always, I know it is “acceptable” in our society but that makes it wrong none the less. Think before you speak, and have some compassion and understanding. Embrace other peoples differences don’t draw a line between you.

There is room for everyone in this world. The world is such a big place. I think that there should be room for everyone to be whom they are and feel comfortable enough to where they can and not be exploited and made fun of for doing so. Everyone is different and that is great! I wish people looked more on the inside than on the outside. In a perfect world they would, but sadly it is not and people will continue to be cruel and uncaring. I invite you to help make a difference by bringing back a little compassion. Maybe it will spread like wild fire and encourage others to be compassionate.

I grew up being taught about compassion and being caring. I was taught it is wrong to make fun of people because they are different. I was taught that words that put down groups of people are wrong. I am teaching my son the same things. I was taught to love and accept people for who they are, not what they look like. It really is heartbreaking to me. I am going to make sure my son has the same morals I have. I think that I have really strong morals and a big heart and I can tell even at age 3 Noah also has a big heart. I hope to teach him and show him that differences are not a bad thing.

I hope you take a little time to think about others feelings and sit down and talk to your children about compassion and embracing differences. I think that would help the world be a better place.


  1. What a lovley post. I don't know what website you speak of but that is truly awful that something like that exists!!! I do agree that we should teach people to be more open and have a good heart. I know that's how i try and live my life.


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  2. I couldn't agree more. The people that spend all this time making fun and tormenting others are the ones that are truly lacking self confidence. It's sad really.

  3. amen to every true word you just spoke and then some. you know me I like to talk on twitter & have many times with you as well as enjoy your great blog by email newsletter & even your giveaways but I have to coment when I feel compelled to on something important and this subject is so important. You know, it shows your good hearted charactor that you mention this troublesome issue but yet do not reveal the source in which it stems from, that alone shows you want to stop the hurtful course of action someone took and not expolte it further. Just because some of us older people grew up in times with our parents who for what ever reason were ignorant to the right & loving ways to treat people does not mean that we have to continue on with that circle of wrongness, my dad were self taught I guess from others before him to call people of other color by certain words i will not repeat here as you say called also the R word and even I as a child knew that was wrong & told him so, he soon stopped but to this day I try my level best to treat/talkto/and give the same compassion to others that I would want myself.It would be an odd world if we all look the same, we are all beautiful in many ways for real beauty is skin deep. The Good Lord mae us to be in his own image so least we not forget that. I honestly think that somepeople have no self esteem and they think they gain something for there selves by hurting others. We will be held accountable for each action we take here on this earth God gave us someday so do whats right whats loving & kind for your fellow man & neighbor while your here & ask yourself before you speak out or think thoughts is that what I want said or done to me? There you will find your true self & change when you know in your heart the correct answer to that question. And remember too, your picture perfect face/body or actions can be changed in the blink of an eye if The God Lord saw it to be so thank him for your blessings and pray for those in need not the other way around which is hurtful.

  4. I am not real sure of the website you're talking about, but that one called People at Walmart disgusts me to no end.
    I don't find it funny. I think its horrible and mean.

    I agree with your post. Thank you for a great reminder on how we should treat eachother

  5. You spoke from the heart.. thanks for this wonderful post.
    I see the looks and snickers on peoples faces when I take my grandson (15) out to a new place. I get angry when I see this.

  6. Oh oh! I think I know what you're talking about and I haven't read that. Time to go read! Pammie

  7. I completely agree with you. It is so sad that others feel the need to hurt someone to make themselves look good.

  8. A few years ago my bfs daugher started making comments in stores about other people and each time we had to sit her down and explain that just because someone doesn't look the way you do doesn't mean they are ugly/ stupid/ idiot. Ive gone to stores looking like a mess in my pjs for various reasons and i sure wouldnt want somebody to say something bad about me. We taught his daughter that before she criticizes someone think about how she would feel if somebody said something back to her. I remember one time she said something to the effect that she knew she was pretty so people would never call her ugly. He had to explain that pretty means different things to different people. Everyone has different tastes and opinions of what is beautiful. Luckily as she is getting older she doesnt talk bad about other people, at least when she is with us

  9. an inspiring post, thank you for sharing!