Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Booty Pop Panties Review

I was lying in bed watching either the 100,000 dollar pyramid or the 25,000 dollar pyramid; I get them mixed up all the time. I saw a commercial for a product called Booty Pop Panties. It is padded underwear that makes women with flat booties more round. I thought it looked so cool. I am one of those women in the flat booty society. I kept thinking about it. The next morning I decided to look at the website and then proceeded to email them. I got a response from them back almost instantly. They said they would send me a pair to review. I was so excited.

The day my teal green Booty Pop Panties arrived I was so excited. I felt the padding in them and giggled. I am sorry but these are funny. It is like a padded bra. I immediately put them on and looked in the mirror. Yep my booty was bigger and rounder. It made my jeans and pants look better too. I thought it was cool. I wore them for a while flaunting them. I felt like I was still wearing them after I took them off. I guess a lot of celebrities wear them too. So, maybe that explains a lot. Booty Pop Panties would be great for ice skating for those of us that fall down a lot like I do. I love those As Seen on TV things.
For more information please visit Booty Pop Panties

Thank you to Booty Pop Panties for sending me a pair of Booty Pop Panties for my reviewing purposes!


  1. Hehe...what an interesting product! I definitely don't need this product though! LOL

  2. Now I know what to buy when I try roller skating. LOL
    Thanks for the review.