Monday, January 18, 2010

I am a huge DORK!

When I was in school, I was in choir. I love to sing. I know I will never be on American Idol or become a great singer but, I love to sing. It is fun. When I was in the Sixth Grade we sang a song about the Presidents. It was all of the Presidents in order. I remember my choir teacher saying this will come in handy one day for History Class.

Here it is in all its glory!
I don’t really remember using this knowledge to this date except for the time we were doing the Brain Game and the question was who the first secretary of state was? I quickly sang the first few words of the song and “buzzed in” and said Thomas Jefferson. Well I thought If Washington was the first president, that would make John Adams his Vice President and since Thomas Jefferson came next then it was him. Of course it was purely a guess. I was relying on reasoning. Other than that being able to remember all the Presidents in order isn’t really as much of a good thing as I was once told.

Maybe someday I will be on a game show and I will be asked who is the such and such president and I will know and I will win a million dollars. Then I will have use for this silly song and I will be able to thank Mrs. Brandon for making us sing it. I can sing my presidents in order full names in 32 seconds and I RULE! How many can you name in order? How many can you name not in order?

(I am aware that I am a complete DORK! My friends and family love me anyway)