Friday, January 29, 2010

She worked hard for the money

I want to share with you my enterprises when I was little. I used to come up with this little business ideas. I would make things and sell things.

It all started with that typical Kool-aid stand. My Kool-aid stand was not an ordinary Kool-aid stand. I also sold graham crackers and gummy worms. I was a full service concession stand. I remember selling a couple other items but I can’t remember exactly what it was. My stand was successful.

I decided I needed to branch out some so I started coloring pictures out of coloring books and selling them door to door. They were people that bought them. I was a cute kid so I guess they decided they were worth the price I sold them for. I didn’t really do that for very long. Maybe just once. I mean how many Sheila coloring originals can one person have? Maybe it will be worth something someday.


My main “business” when I was younger was where I sold homemade stationary which consisted of a stamp on printer paper and a matching stamped envelope. I would sometimes break out the toaster and emboss with it. People would buy sets of 8 pieces of paper and eight envelopes. The only time I saw anyone using it was my mom and grandma. You know they were obligated. Not that it was ugly it was just really simple and plain but hey I was young and I had to make a living somehow right? I did that for about a year. People would order it so I would make it. It was fun. I still have letters that my mom wrote me at camp on that stationary. It was cool stuff!

When I was 9, I was a mother’s helper to my next door neighbor. I got paid, (I think) to play with her son while she did housework or whatever. It was fun. When I was a little older I started babysitting a lot. I was the typical babysitting girl. I had fliers and everything. I can still see them in my head. I made a big deal about being Red Cross certified in Babysitting. I had a lot of families I would babysit for and I stayed pretty busy with that for a while.

What kind of business ventures did you do when you were little?

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