Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Jen Custom T-shirts

I would love to get a few shirts from Just Jen. I want one that says Sheilacakes, and another one that says Noah's Mommy and one for my sister that says bride for her wedding. I think it would be awesome for a family reunion to wear matching shirts with people's names on them especially if you are going somewhere where people can get lost. I think everyone needs a Custom Tee in their closet to wear.

They look so soft and comfortable too. There really is something for any woman or girl because they can be customized. No more having to search for what you want or not be able to get it because they don’t make a t-shirt with your name or nickname or whatever. Not everyone has a name like Sarah or Sally or Sue anymore. So, it can be hard to find something with your name. Look no further than Just Jen!

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  1. That would be really fun to have all the ladies in the family be wearing matching shirts at a family reunion!

  2. I won a Just Jen Tee at a MomDot giveaway. I got a XMas design. It's adorable.