Thursday, January 28, 2010

Help Feed The Hungry!

It really upsets me when I think about people going hungry especially children. A few years ago, I gave a woman I knew a whole box of food for her son out of my own cabinets. I used to participate in the school can drives, I even went door to door and collected cans for it. The weirdest thing I received was a can of Leechies . I still don’t know exactly what a leechie is. I think it is a fruit. I have the opportunity to tell you about a great way to help people in the US that are going to bed hungry. The good people at Oscar Mayer have teamed up with The Good Mood Mission to start a campaign that will donate up to 2 million pounds of food.

Oscar Mayer jump started the campaign with a donation of a million pounds of food is leading the Los Angeles celebration with hundreds of passersby and performers joining together in music and dance to form a giant flash mob smile face with Wienermobile vehicles, as well as members of the USC Trojans Marching Band. As Good Mood Ambassador, Emmy and Tony Award winner, Kristin Chenoweth will officially dispatch the fleet of Wienermobile vehicles on their cross-country journey to spread miles of smiles for the Good Mood Mission. The event brings to life the theme of the Oscar Mayer brand’s new advertising campaign “It Doesn’t Get Better Than This.” To make this good mood moment even better, everyone will enjoy a complimentary brown-bag lunchtime option featuring an assortment of Oscar Mayer products.

I think that sounds like a lot of fun and such a worthy cause. If you want to help it is really easy. Here is what you do: The Oscar Mayer brand has made it easy to share a smile with a simple click and everyone across the country is invited to join the mission at Good Mood Mission or From January through September, the more good moods shared and sent to others, the more pounds of food donated to Feeding America. And, while helping others should be incentive enough, the campaign rewards participation with Oscar Mayer brand coupons and other fun offers. Just a few moments of your time will help so many people.

For each mission, Americans are invited to reveal what makes them smile and share this thought with friends and family. Every participant has the chance to be showcased on the campaign’s animated, visual gallery of “real-life” good mood moments from people across the country. The Oscar Mayer Good Mood Mission campaign will be supported via an integrated marketing campaign, as well as a coast-to-coast local market tour with the Wienermobile vehicles throughout the year. Yes you may see the Weinermobile in your town soon. I think that would be so cool to see the Wienermobile because it is such an icon of America, as it should be because so is Oscar Mayer!

So, be sure to take the time to help others by creating your own “Good Mood” at Good Mood Mission and/or become a fan at
You can also follow @OscarMayer on Twitter.

I did not receive anything for this post. I did this post out of the kindness of my heart.

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  1. I agree, donating food to the hungry is a great cause! and lychees (? i think that's how it's spelled) are actually very delicious fruits, usually served in syrup :)