Sunday, January 3, 2010


I think a lot of you could answer this question. Who is Gilbert? Especially those with young children. In case you don’t know he is none other than Caillou’s lovable gray cat. Gilbert always gets in to all kinds of mischief and he even gets lost a time or two. Noah loves Caillou as many of you know. So, being an animal lover he also loves Gilbert. He walks around saying Gilbert in the same tone Caillou does. When, I entered giveaways for My Car Pet, I would post in my comments that its name would probably be named Gilbert. I never won one if you were wondering. So, I naturally did what any mother would do and went on a search for a stuffed Gilbert.

Caillou merchandise is not easy to come by. I scoured the internet after all you can find everything online, except a stuffed Gilbert cat. The internet is a wonderous thing. How else can you reach hundreds of thousands even millions of people at once? So, I thought about what I was gonna do. I thought maybe I would keep looking.
During this time I went to a little toy shop and I was looking around. I thought maybe I would find my little boy a new little surprise. Something small, inexpensive then I saw it!

Please pardon the quality of the photo. I took it with my cell. I can’t locate my camera at the moment.
A little Gund Kids stuffed gray striped cat. The employees of the store informed me that it meows. I looked at the price tag as small toy stores can have hefty price tags. I had experience with Baby Gund before when I bought a little soft photo album. The photo album was 15 dollars but I had received a gift certificate/coupon from the hospital when Noah was born.

I did notice the kitty has white feet and Gilbert doesn’t. It was close enough. The Gilbert was really cheap. He was under 5 dollars I believe. I was in shock how cheap it was. When I gave it to Noah he smiled so big. He has a cheek dimple. It’s a special one because instead of being at the middle of his cheeks it is at the top. He inherited that from me cause I had one too. He and his Gilbert are great friends. He carries him around and talks to him. He loves Gilbert. He loves when Gilbert meows. It is a very distinguished meow, enough that I could pick him out of a voice lineup.

We went to Wal-mart today and he managed to carry Gilbert to the car. I waited to get him in his car seat and then explained to Noah that Gilbert was going to stay in our house. I told him that Gilbert is too special to lose. It would be heartbreaking if we lost him. He seemed to be fine with it and Gilbert was sitting on the dryer when we got home.


  1. Too cute! My 3 yo DD has a little pink (sorta gray now, lol) bear named Peep Peep that has to go everywhere with us. When I read the name Gilbert, all I could think of was the movie "Gilbert Grape". LOL

  2. Hey! I invented My Car Pet... Can I send you one? You can go to the website and order one for free!

  3. Aww, to cute!

    I finally saw Calliou & buddies (along with other "in" kiddie shows) this past Christmas.. the grandsons watch him & others on sprout.

    So precious he loves his Gilbert!