Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blender Blender

My oldest kitchen appliance is my blender. I have mentioned this ghetto contraption to some of my blog friends. It is seriously over 20 years old. I am sure it is older than that. For as long as I can remember this blender has been in our family. It is an old Oster blender. It is pretty much useless unless you are blending pure liquids. If you are making a frozen drink or milk shake it is almost impossible to chop ice with it. You have to shake it really hard while it is blending.

Thankfully, I haven’t had any incidents were the glass part comes off and goes flying. The cord is so old that the safety features on it are long since gone. The features on it are so outdated. Did you know now you can attach a juicer or a popcorn popper to some blenders? OK I made up the popcorn popper attachment but you get where I am going.

I used to marvel at the ease of other peoples blenders. I remember once my old friend and I were having daiquiris together and I went to make them and I was getting ready to shake the blender and she looked at me like what are you doing? I realized her blender actually WORKED properly. It was fast and you didn’t have to do the old shake n pray, where the top didn’t go flying and splatter all over the counter.

I hardly ever use my blender, I would love to use it more but, it is such a pain it is hardly worth it plus who wants to drink something frozen with big ice chunks in it? Not me. I actually have to scoop the ice chunks out after it won’t chop anymore. It is a loved blender with many many wonderful memories of holiday baking and milk shakes and good times. However I think it is time to retire the poor thing and get a new one. Does anyone have any suggestions of good blenders?

I tried to look up my blender online and I couldn't find anything about it.

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