Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Returns!

I love the show The Secret Life of The American Teenager. I have seen every episode! I know I am 28 years old and it is a show for teens. I can’t help but watch it. I think it so interesting. I wouldn’t recommend it for young kids though. I am so excited to find out that it starts up again on Jan. 4th! I will watch every week like I have ever since the first episode. I wonder what is going to happen this season. I bet it will be great. I hope they have a marathon of last season on before. They usually do. Yes I watch the marathons too lol! I am a dork like that. I love everything Secret Life. That is all.

I wonder when the third season comes out on DVD.


  1. I am 32 and watch it religiously too!
    I LOVE it!
    Can't wait - you and I at least can shat about it :)

  2. Hi! I am old too and I like watching the show. Never a dull moment watching this show...LOL.

    ConnieJ6 at Mommysavers