Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Martha, Martha, MARTHA!!

If only I were like Martha Stewart. For a long time I have loved Martha Stewart. Even when she went to jail I thought she was innocent. From the moment I knew who she was until now I have enjoyed watching her and her ideas and recipes. I love the way she talks too. She is so interesting and brilliant. I guess I have always been a closet Martha. I mean granted I have always loved to cook, from the moment I was big enough to even help out. Growing up I was never really great at art. I hated art class. I was never really good at it. I am left handed so that is a pain for cutting. I never got “left handed” scissors. I could never make them cut. Yet, the teachers insisted on using them.

I loved cooking in school. I can still remember being in Jr. High in Mrs. Shrewsbury’s class making snickerdoodles and macaroni and cheese. That class was a lot of fun. Then in high school there was the infamous Foods class. I don’t think I will share that story in fear of incriminating myself and others involved. Really though it was nothing big. I did end up missing the Angel Food Cake Lab one day and I “had to” make it up in SRT (study hall) I never got to bring my Angel Food Cake home or even really eat hardly any. She took it and said it was the perfect angel food cake and she wanted other classes to taste it. I am just skilled like that. I ended up accidentally dropping a yolk in my egg whites but I got every speck out. I got like over 100% cause I got bonus points or something. As you all know cooking is a huge part of my life and one of my favorite pastimes. I love being in the kitchen. It is so much fun.

I used to never consider myself crafty. I thought being crafty was what older people did. It was something that Rosie O’Donnell would talk about on her talk show. I didn’t understand what the point was. I knew I wasn’t good at drawing. My stick figure people looked as if a six year old drew them and well I could cut too well, and about all I could do is color. I could make things out of Play-Doh but real clay forget it. So, crafty was out of the picture for me. I knew I would never be crafty. I couldn’t sew. I learned to sew a little bit from my Grandma Rose those were big stitches though. It just wasn’t me. I used to love to make candles. I was going to start doing that again but I never did.

My sister was the crafty one growing up. She would make Barbie furniture out of masking tape, she would make beads out of clay and she would make beaded things. She was the artistic one. If you compared her ceramics projects to mine it would be clear that she was much better at it than I was. I tried I just couldn’t get it. I think that is it partially because I was a perfectionist and if it wasn’t perfect I would scrap it and start over and I would never get it just right so that made it a fail. I had been like that for a while.

Then I became a mom and started getting interested in scrapbooking. I really liked it at first well, I liked the idea and all the little goodies that went with it. I started out by buying a fair amount of items. I didn’t make my first scrapbook page until a couple months later and my first card was made six months after I bought some stuff. But I ended up still buying stuff even though I had only done a few pages and a card or two. It was fun to pick out stuff. I eventually got in to it a lot where I was scrapbooking all the time. Now I am on a scrapping hiatus. I haven’t done a page in about 8 months! It’s not that I lack the materials, it’s the creativity and time. I have to be in a certain mood to create and it just hasn’t happened lately. So my stuff, my mountains of stuff, sit and wait for me.

I have ventured out in to making other crafts too. I make ornaments and embellished paperclips. I also make coasters and alter items. I still can not sew. I have always admired Martha Stewart and I think she has some great ideas. I was watching her last night On Demand and she made the cutest little gumdrop ornaments and all kinds of cool stuff. I thought it was cool to see her with her mom on a couple of the segments. I was curious to see how they interacted together. They were both the same.

I also like to watch Whatever Martha. I think it hilarious how they make fun of Martha’s show. I mean it was Martha’s idea from what she says in the opening credits. It makes you notice things about Martha that you might not before hand, for example the way she raises her eyebrow or how she is kind of grumpy at times.

I still love Martha Stewart and hope that I can hang out with her and cook and scrapbook with her. She sounds like a lot of fun. I subscribe to Martha Stewart Living and Body+ Soul. I like to look at Martha’s calendar for the month to see what she has going on. I really enjoy everything Martha!

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