Monday, December 7, 2009

I wish computers were made like they were in the OLD days even though they were slow!

I have come to the conclusion that computers are not made like they once were. My grandparents had a Commodore 64 that I used to play games on. That computer lived forever. I remember playing on it for 10 years or so. Now a days it seems like it lives for a few years and then it dies. I bought an Acer Laptop off QVC in October 2007. I remember the day I received it. It was Halloween. I remember thinking Trick or Treat to me! Well it has not been a treat. It has been nothing but tricks. I know you are thinking that maybe a 2 year computer is a long life for it. Well why? Why is it that it becomes a $729 dollar paper weight after only a couple years?

My first problem was the battery would only last 20 minutes after having it for 3 or 4 months. I called and they sent me a new one after I fought tooth and nail for it. It wasn’t perfect but it worked. My second problem was when it malfunctioned in March 2008 5 months after I bought it. I ended up losing all my pictures on it because I had to reformat it. I had pictures of the Garlic Fest and other things that can’t be replaced. Then they told me I had a back up hard drive and to save everything to it. Then in July 2008 I had my screen break. I had to send it back on my own dime for shipping. I was still under warranty. It took forever to get it back. I immediately had to reformat it again. I have had to reformat it like 15 times in two years. Now my laptop has been over heating. It has been getting so hot that it burns my flesh. It will get so hot that it will turn off after a hour of use.

I called Acer tonight and the guy was no help. I know I was out of warranty and stuff but given my history with my defective laptop from hell you would think he would want to be some kind of help. Nope. I ended up crying on the phone. He talked so fast I could barely understand him or keep up. I don’t think that Acer gives a crap about their customers and never have. Every time I have called it has left me in tears. I wish there was a good laptop out there that wasn’t crap after months of purchasing it. It was never oh your computer sounds defective let’s back up your files and give you a new one. It is always been a sucks to be you attitude and it makes me sad.

Acer really needs better customer Service when apparently the laptop is defective. The guy from Acer knew it had problems he had my “file” in front of him and he said he saw it. He agreed it sounded defective but there is nothing he could do.

It sucks because I am a blogger and a computer is vital to me and I can not afford a new one or to get this demon spawn fixed even though it rolled off the line messed up.

How many recalls has Acer had for overheating computers? Like tons!

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