Monday, November 2, 2009

Some day I'll be grown up too...and if I can I'll grow up Just like you.

When I was a little girl I used to listen to the Disney favorites tapes. They were red cassettes and I loved listening to them in the car on long car trips. I knew all of the songs by heart. My favorite song was called Just For You. It was based on Mercer Mayer’s little critter books. I love Little Critter and have since I was a small child. I have two big Little Critter story collection books. I loved the song and the message that it had.

I used to search for that song. I still have the tapes but they were taped over. I was really sad about that. Who really has a tape recorder anymore anyways? I have one I don’t really know where it came from, but I have it. When I found out that the “Hot 9 at 9” from like 15 years ago was recorded over it I went on a mission. I was going to find the song again. I wanted to hear those songs again. I wanted to hear Just For You again.

After years of searching I came up empty handed. Until I randomly found out that they had put my beloved red tapes on CD! I was pregnant with Noah at that time. I instantly decided that Just For You would be our song. So, I went to Borders and bought the CD. He started listening to it from four months old when he was in his own room. Every night that CD would play. I sang Just For you to him since he was born. I remembered all of the words.

For a while now he will sing it with me. He first would sing the last word of each sentence but now he sings the whole thing. It is the sweetest song. I will type out the words but they are not my own and I am not trying to infringe any copy rights dear Disney or Mercer Mayer. I don’t know if the lyrics are anywhere on the web that I can find. So here they are

I picked the reddest apple from the tree
It was the finest one that I could see
I saved it all except a bite or two
Just for you

I carried home the groceries from the store
I wanted to be helpful with a chore
I put them all away except a few
Just for you

Some day I’ll be grown up too
And if I can I’ll grow up
Just like you

I ate up all my lunch Just like you said
But I think there was a little too much bread
So I left the crusts when I was through
Just for you

Some day I’ll be grown up too
And if I can I’ll grow up
Just like you

Just one more thing before I go to bed
Then everything I have to said is said
There is something special that I wanna do
Here’s a kiss just for you.

There is our special song. It means a lot to me. Tonight when we were singing it Noah sang the part about wanting to be just like me. I got a little teary eyed. My mom and I’s special song is Too rah loo rah loo rah. That is what she used to sing to me. I remember her singing me to sleep when I had my Kevin dream or couldn’t sleep.

Do you and your children have a special song? If you don’t its time you should. Songs are a great way to bond and it can become a priceless family heirloom that gets passed down from generation to generation.


  1. Hello! I came across your post... I have been looking for the Disney Favorites CD EVERYWHERE! Where did you purchase them?

  2. Hi Jenna,
    It was either Border's or Barnes and Noble. I have two of them so I can't remember. I hope you can find them.

  3. Hello, My Mother and I have been searching everywhere for the same song. I used to sing it when I was little and would love to have it for my little girl. Can you tell me the name of the cd? I would love to get it. Thanks!


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  8. You can find it on the WALT DISNEY CHILDREN'S FAVORITES Volume 3 Cassette tape. My younger siblings and I listened to this all the time in the car. We did a lot of cross country moving and every move we would listen to this tape. =]