Monday, November 9, 2009

Santas are at the mall and its only November 9th after all

When I was growing up it was the norm to see that stores had Christmas stuff out the week of Thanksgiving. Santa arrived at the malls that week too usually the day after Thanksgiving. Santa would make his grand and glorious appearance during the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. I have always thought even then was too early. I like to start thinking about Christmas during December. I start my Christmas shopping then. I understand if a company or store is doing a huge display of lights and that takes time but really…. its not even double digits of November yet.

I am doing some reviews for holiday gift ideas. That is completely understandable. I mean I know a lot of people start Christmas shopping in September or October and a few that are probably already done. You all want to know about cool gift ideas and I want to help you all out. So I wonder what is going on? Why does Christmas and Winter Holiday things get pushed up so much? What is the rush? I know time is flying by but seriously can’t we get more in to November already?

So far I have observed these things…

1.Holiday items in stores- Ok this one isn’t too surprising because it seems that it has been like this for a while.

2. Massive amounts of holiday ads on TV. There were always a few but it is like I am being bombarded by commercials about Christmas.

3. They are advertising a Christmas special to premiere November 17th or something. Why not make more Thanksgiving shows.

4. Santa is already at my local mall. Hello? It is November 9th. Santa’s break gets shorter and shorter every year. Poor Santa!

5. Tonight I noticed that my lovely neighbors have their Christmas tree not only in their home but decorated and lit. That is just plain silly in my opinion but whatever works for them.

6. I must confess I love Christmas Tree cakes so I happily bought a box yesterday.

Time really is flying by it is still November right? I didn’t wake up in the Twilight Zone or anything did I? I don’t remember becoming Sheila Van Winkle. I love Christmas don’t get me wrong I guess outside of reviewing products I don’t understand why Santa is out and trees are lit and decorated.

I still have my Halloween decorations up! We love pumpkins here. I just don’t get eating some week old Halloween candy then following it up with a candy cane while you decorate your tree. I hope I don't sound like Scrooge.

I am very happy to receive any opportunities of products to review and giveaway for the Holiday Season. It is not too early when it comes to the review process.


  1. im a stickler for tradition, and as thanksgiving is my favorite holiday i hate to have it shortened by overzelous christmas people.

    I am a big believer that Santa opens the christmas season during the maceys thanksgiving day parade. the weekend after thanksgiving should be spent putting up your lights with lots of spiked eggnog and turkey leftovers.

    Now in saying that.. my husband is getting antsy.. so i have let him run the extension cords outside and get them lined on the roof. but not a chrismtas bulb will shine from my house until thanksgiving is over.