Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Once upon a time

Every night before Noah goes to bed he asks for a story and a song or two. I love telling him stories and singing him songs. It is a special time we share together. I love how excited he gets when I tell him things and I like to build up the anticipation for him. I think that is his favorite part of wondering what comes next. That is also one of his favorite questions to ask is What comes next?

The stories are almost always about a little boy named Noah. I will start the story Once upon a time there was little boy named….. then Noah will chime in and say Noah! I mainly tell the story but I like when he fills in the blanks for me. It is fun to see what he comes up with and watch him form ideas in his mind. The stories are usually about our lives like going to the store or the zoo and things like that.

I have been telling him a story about Noah going to a farm. He has a love for animals and he loves to look at them and talk about them so I thought he would like that. I thought I would share mine and Noah’s story we told tonight with you.

Once upon a time there was a little boy named NOAH. Who lives in his HOUSE with his MOMMY. Noah and Mommy went to a farm and met a cow named CHICKEN. Noah and the cow named chicken were playing in the field. Then Noah and the cow named Chicken met a pig named HORSE. They played together and then saw a chicken named ROM and a goat named SHEEP. They had a lot of fun playing together until it was time to go home. So mommy and Noah got in the car and went home and watched CAILLOU SHOO SHOO and ate dinner and played together until it was time for bed. The End.

The caps are obviously my son’s responses. I thought it was a great silly story. I encourage you to tell stories to your children and let them fill in the blanks. It’s fun and educational. When we were telling the story we were both laughing really hard and I thought of doing Mad Libs when I was little.
It is so much fun to laugh with my son. He is pure joy and I love him.

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