Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New use for Boogie Wipes

Tonight I was chopping an onion cause I was making a quiche, and my eyes started watering really bad. My eyes hate the fumes that onions expel that cause you to cry so I have been trying to figure out something that would work. Sure if I owned a food processor that would work wonders. My Blender is like 2 9 years old and it barely works at all anymore without constant shaking. I did buy a little tiny one on Amazon but it made onion paste and mush not really quiche worthy so I don't use that. I only used that thing once after it made onion mush. Not fun.

I had a brilliant idea tonight as I was crying from the onions. I keep a package of Boogie Wipes in my kitchen drawer. I thought maybe if I smelled the Boogie Wipe it would help because it is made with saline. I tried it and then blew my nose. I stopped crying. I was still around the cut onions but the tears stopped. The Saline removed the onion smell from my nose and helped clear my nostrils and then hence stopping the vapors that were getting to my eyes.

Just now I had another idea... You could use Boogie Wipes to cover your eyes or wipe them when you are chopping onions. They are made of Saline and that is what is in contact solution. So I am pretty sure it wouldn't hurt them. Man I am brilliant!


  1. Great idea!! Also- Freezing or chilling the onions before you chop them helps with the tears. I saw it on Food Detectives! Lol

  2. The Food Detective went to the same high school I went to. We grew up in the same town. I didn't know him though. lol