Sunday, November 22, 2009

Glade Sense and Spray Review

I have mentioned before that my son is now in a toddler bed and has free reign of his room. I took out his dresser for the time being because he would pull everything out and I had major trouble trying to get his dresser anchored. He used to have a Glade Light Show air freshener in his room. Now that I don’t have a place to set up an air freshener that plugs in, I needed something else. It was really hard to find something that didn’t have to be plugged in. The only thing I could find is those gel air fresheners in the cone shape. They are not my favorite thing to use. I love Glade. So when I had the opportunity to review the Sense and Spray I was excited. Glade is a brand that I have trusted for years.

The Sense and Spray is an automatic air freshener and odor eliminator that has a motion sensor and goes off every 30 minutes and it won’t go off again unless you push the boost button. It has a sensor up to five feet. That way you aren’t freshening a room with no one in it and you aren’t wasting the product.

I wasn’t sure where I was going to put the Glade Sense and Spray when I knew it was on the way. I didn’t decide until it was in my hands and I was looking at the package. It is battery operated! That means I can put it in my son’s room. First I thought about the closet and then I realized that it wouldn’t be a good spot. So I ended up putting it on the shelf on the wall high enough that my son couldn’t reach it. The set up was a breeze. It didn’t take long at all.

I tried the Clean Spring fragrance. It smelled really good. The Glade Sense and Spray gives off the right amount of scent each time. No more using a spray and using so much that you end up tasting it when you breathe. I am sure you all know what I mean. It works to get rid of any odors in the room. I was really pleased with the ease and the scent. I don’t have to worry about doing anything or worry about my son getting in to it.

It is pretty loud though when it sprays. The first few days, my son would say “Yikes” every time it would go off. I wish it was quieter. Now it has become something he likes. He will say “Do Yikes” and laugh. The sound has startled me some too. It kinda catches you off guard. I have jumped a few times myself. Other than the noise I really like the Glade Sense and Spray. The batteries are brilliant.
It is the right solution to my odor eliminator problem.

You can find the Glade Sense and Spray at stores near you and it comes in some of the popular Glade scents. There are also refills for the system so you can change up the scents.

Thank you to Glade for sending me a complimentary Sense and Spray to try out and enjoy.


  1. I should get one of these and try it out. Thanks for the info!

  2. I tried this one awhile ago...Gave it to DH to put in basement

  3. I have one of these too and love it. I agree it is loud, every time I get up at night and go past, it scares the crap outta me! lol

  4. We have this thing too. Everytime my dog licks his balls, it sprays. And this is a LOT.

    It ran out of stuff in the first week.