Thursday, November 5, 2009

eebee's Mix and Mash Review

I have said this before but I really love to cook. I am a great cook and it is one of my passions, in my quest to teach Noah to cook. I had the opportunity to review eebee's Mix & Mash Adventures dvd and book. The book and dvd shows you how to cook with your baby. It is something that toddlers can handle and even babies. Yes babies. It is really cool. Most people would think you couldn’t cook with your baby but eebee makes it possible. The recipes are for 6 months and up. A few of the recipes are for older babies. Your child is the chef and you are the assistant. All of the recipes are healthy and really easy. One of the steps your child does is shake. Noah loves to shake things. It is so cute because he says “shake shake shake”.

This is so cool. I love being able to share this with my son. I often find myself wondering what he can do in the kitchen with me. This book and DVD have not only opened me up to new recipes but new ideas as well. Noah and I will be trying out some of the recipes together and I am sure we will laugh and laugh while we are making some delicious recipes that are not only fun to make but healthy too. These recipes will be something we will enjoy for years to come.

Noah and I decided to make the blueb-eebee soup. Noah helped me pour the blueberries in the bowl and add the water and he even pressed the start button on the microwave with my assistance. We used some yogurt we had in the refrigerator too. Noah loved cooking with me. He was laughing the whole time. We sang songs while we cooked together. He loves to explore in the kitchen and through this book we will be able to come up with more ideas that even my little boy can do.

Noah and I loved the taste of the blueb-eebee soup. Noah said mmm it’s delicious. He asked to make it again later but we were out of blueberries. We only made half a recipe. Next time we will make a whole one. I have to remember to add some of the ingredients on my grocery list. Something else that is really cool about the book is there are little nutrition tidbits with each recipe. I now know why blueberries are blue. Do you?
For more information on eebee’s Mix & Mash Adventures please visit the website. eebee’s Mix & Mash Adventures in the Kitchen for baby and you is available at Barnes and Noble bookstores nationwide.

Thank you to eebee for sending me a complimentary copy of eebee’s Mix & Mash Adventures.

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