Saturday, October 3, 2009

Toilet paper, light bulbs, Socks for Rosie, Crayons

Toilet Paper, Light Bulbs, Socks for Rosie, Crayons has been stuck in my head all day. We went to the store today and Noah saw light bulbs and said Light bulbs and then he started singing Toilet Paper, Light Bulbs, Socks for Rosie, Crayons. I was walking around the store singing it. I don’t know what is worse the time I was singing Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in Wal-mart which I complete blame my friend Brittany for.

The song I have stuck in my head is from Caillou. Those of you that are familiar with Caillou probably figured it out by Rosie. It’s the episode where Caillou and his mom go shopping and she tells him to make up a song to remember what they have to buy. It’s a very cute show. My family loves Caillou regardless of what other moms say about him.

At the store I sampled a chocolate covered pretzel crisp. I am not sure who makes them but they are delish. Noah even tried to take and eat mine after his was gone. I gave him half of mine. Noah ate two little strawberry muffins too. I love free samples. They were having a special one day sale so it seemed like they had more samples than normal. Noah was a crumbly mess twice each time he ate a muffin. He loved them though. I probably should of bought some. Maybe next time we go there.

I don’t really like that store. We don’t go there very often because it is weird. Everything is little cubbyholes with smaller aisles in the middle. It seemed like we were in there for hours. It is great if you are running in for a few things but not for normal grocery shopping. It is way too confusing. You don’t know where you are going or where you have been. Oh and if you are with another person besides your child who is with you in the cart don’t walk away from them cause it will take you a long time to find them again. It’s not like you can walk down one “hall” and look down all the aisles. Of course when that happened I tried to call and my cell phone died.

In other news, I finally went and got a new cable box. My bedroom cable box messed up the day I went to my friend Rene’s for a visit on July 28th. Now I can watch all the local channels again. I went two months without watching like 5 channels. I didn’t get CBS, FOX and NBC and a couple local local channels. Now I can watch SVU on Wednesdays and Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy again. I have a cable box downstairs too that has never had problems. I am now on my fourth bedroom cable box. I don’t know. I must get defective ones. I have had many issues with Comcast. Everything from defective cable boxes from going down stairs during nap time and glancing at my tv which was on Noggin (which is a preschool channel) and there was a naked woman on it. I totally called and complained I was really upset. Somehow Comcast messed up or something. I never did find out what was going on.

Noah loves Comcast. About a year ago we were driving down the road, out of the blue Noah said I see Comcast. I look out the window and sure enough there was the Comcast office. He always talks about Comcast. I think it has to do with commercials and the on demand. Today he said go on demand when I got out of the car and he waiting with my mom while I ran in. I was carrying the cable box. He is so silly.

Today has been a good and relaxing day.

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